Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday Wish-A Hallmark movie

Terri Reed here, I watched this movie when it first aired in January. It was on again this past weekend.
Such a cute and fun movie. I really enjoyed the acting. Jessy Schram is delightful. For fans of Once Upon a Time, you'll remember her as Ashley Boyd, or better known as Cinderella.  
Luke Macfarlane was a sigh worthy hero. I first noticed him on SMASH and then on Supergirl. 
As for the premise, who wouldn't want a peek at their future?  

A successful commercials director expects her boyfriend to propose New Year's Eve and again at her 30th birthday. Blowing out the birthday candle she wishes to see her life ten years ahead. Her 
vision doesn't include her present boyfriend.

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 Stay tuned.

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Mary Alford said...

Sounds like a great movie, Terri. I so love the Hallmark movies.

Christine Johnson said...

I love the Hallmark movies too! This one sounds fun.

Beth F. said...

I love hallmark movies too and enjoyed the one you wrote about.

Margaret Daley said...

I enjoyed the movie too.

Leann Harris said...

Sorry, I missed the movie, but will look for it on Hallmark channel. Also I'm excited about the reopening of the website.