Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You Know You're a Mother When...

This May was extra special - my very first mother's day!!! Last year in May I was pregnant, but this year, I had almost 10 months of experience as a new mommy, and wow, how my life has changed!

All for the better, of course.

Somehow, seeing my Little Miss's toothless grin and hearing her precious giggles makes me forget about how tired I am, or how desperate I am for a maid, an endless supply of Diet Coke, and a nap. All of that goes away when I look in her eyes and she smiles back at me.

I've concocted a list that I'm sure many can relate to.


When you find yourself groggily attempting to start your car with a pacifier, because that's what is always in your hand.

When you, a long-time right handed woman, suddenly finds herself ambidextrous in all things, even eating soup left-handed, because your right hand is busy feeding your baby.

When you dig through your purse to find a hairbrush and come up with yet another back-up pacifier.
When you are easily able to do body contortions in your car by driving one handed and stretching your arm into the back seat to offer comforting pats.
When you cut your daily showering/dressing routine in half time-wise but still someone manage to look presentable.
When you learn how to live life on 5-6 hours of sleep instead of the once-necessary 8-9.
When you find yourself dancing/singing Ricky Martin songs in the mirror because that's the only thing that makes your little one unafraid of the hair dryer.
When you can carry your baby around on your hip for hours, even long after it goes numb.

When you share Gerber snacks because you're hungry, but too tired to go find your own crackers.
When you train your bladder to hold it for hours because your baby finally asleep on your chest and you aren't about to budge.
What can you add to the list? =)

And of course I can't write a blog on the topic of mothers without giving a shout out to my mom, the precious woman who helped mold me into who I am today. Love you, Mama!!!


  1. That is so correct about Mothers but be sure to enjoy it while you can in just a blink of an eye they will be out on their own and your house will be so empty. My four got on my nerves sometime so bad but now my youngest will be 36 in June and they all have families of their own and my daughter is the only one that ever needs me except my husband of 48 years. It gets so lonesome.


  2. This was my fourth year as a Mommy on Mother's Day. All I can say is, "It keeps getting better!" Oh, by the way, Mikey got me a gift card to Borders for Mother's Day. Now that's one smart kid.

  3. Those are precious pictures especially the one at the end.

  4. Sharing Gerber snacks, LOL! I love it! But are you willing to share the smooshed peas?

    Love the pictures of your precious Lil' Miss.

  5. How cute!

    Betsy, is that Orange Beach? We have a photo in front of a very similar fish fountain! :)



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