Wednesday, November 21, 2018

When the Holidays aren't Happy by Danica Favorite

My girls in the hospital with our horse, Ava
Hi Everyone, Danica Favorite here. And, when I was thinking about this post over the weekend, I had an entirely different post planned. But life has a funny way of interfering with those plans. And, as we've been dealing with some crazy stuff at our house, I realized that it's not going to be the holiday we'd hoped for, and that's true for a lot of people.

Yesterday, one of our horses, Ava, was seriously injured. She'd gotten herself stuck in the horse shelter and cut herself on the metal siding. If it wasn't for the fact that my daughter was off school and training one of our other horses, we would likely have not found her in time, and she would have bled to death. It was a horrible day, and my daughters and one of their friends worked tirelessly to help the horse until the vet could arrive. We also had some other friends who came over to lend a hand. At one point, I asked the intern, who is a good friend of ours, if our horse would make it. He told me it was 50/50. She did well through the night, and today we got to see her, and everyone is encouraged by her recovery so far. She is not healthy enough yet for the surgery she needs, and only then will we know her prognosis. We've already been warned there will be a lot she won't be able to do in the future. But the fact that she has a future is enough.

We got home from the hospital today to find three of my chickens, including my favorite rooster, dead. It was a new level of pain and sadness for our family.

As we've spent time mourning as a family and dealing with the ups and downs of not knowing what will happen with the horse, how we will pay for it, and all the other details, like figuring out how to make a safe place for her when she gets home, fixing the chicken coop, etc., the thing I told my kids as we all alternated breaking down in tears, was that it's okay to cry and not be okay right now. We get to feel however we feel, and it's safe to do that in our house.

So what does this have to do with the holidays and everyone else?

I think about all the others who are also not having a great holiday, and I know that not only are we not alone, but so many others have it worse.

You may not know what the people you meet are going through, but you can make a difference in their lives, even in just a small way.

After we took Ava to the hospital, I still had things to do for Thanksgiving. I was a harried woman in bloodstained clothes (which you couldn't tell because of the color), trying to pick a few things up from the store before I had to take my daughter to dance, and I hadn't had a moment to breathe, let alone cry, and I still didn't know if my horse was going to live. But as I was trying to find what I needed, I stopped and noticed all the harried people in the store, doing the same thing I was. Maybe none of them had the horrible day I had. Maybe some of them had it worse. But we all needed the same thing: to get our stuff done and on to the next thing.

There was one lady, very beautiful and professional-looking, who kept blocking my path in every aisle. Actually, I think she was blocking me at the moment I had my ah-ha. Despite how pretty and put-together she was, she looked super stressed.

When I found everything I needed, I got to the checkout, and they were all really busy, long lines. My turn finally came, and that lady got in line behind me. She only had one thing in her hands. So I turned and asked her, "do you only have the one thing?" She said yes, so I told her to go ahead. The way her face lit up made me realize just how beautiful she really was.

I have no idea what kind of day she'd had, or what had been troubling her. Or why it had taken her so long to find a block of cheese (which she had to go through every aisle for!). But I know, from the way she looked at me, I'd been a bright spot in her day.


There's a quote about being kind, because everyone is fighting a battle, and it's especially true around the holidays, when people are dealing with losses, grief, having to be around difficult family members, trying to do everything perfectly, and they're trying to get all the same stuff done you are. So give them a little kindness. 

Over the past few days, the thing that has meant the most to me is the kindness of others. I thanked a friend who'd been texting and calling me with info as we tried tracking down someone who could help us, and she told me she hadn't done anything. The very fact that she'd been there was a huge gift to us. Countless people are praying and checking in to see how we're all doing. That means a lot.

If you know someone who is going through a rough time, show them some extra love. If they're like, "ew, get away from me", give them their space. And if it's you who needs a little extra love this holiday season, don't be afraid to reach out to the safe people in your life and let them know you're hurting and need TLC. Take time to take care of yourself. It's okay to say no, and if you need an excuse, say you're not feeling well. Because it's absolutely true if you're feeling beat up by the holidays.

It's okay if the holidays aren't happy for you. Like I told my kids, how you feel is important, and you get to feel how you feel. So if they aren't happy for you, that's okay. You're not alone.
About Danica:

A self-professed crazy chicken lady, Danica Favorite loves the adventure of living a creative life. She and her family recently moved in to their dream home in the mountains above Denver, Colorado.  Danica loves to explore the depths of human nature and follow people on the journey to happily ever after. Though the journey is often bumpy, those bumps are what refine imperfect characters as they live the life God created them for. Oops, that just spoiled the ending of all of Danica’s stories. Then again, getting there is all the fun.
You can connect with Danica at the following places:
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Gathering Together by Jo Ann Brown

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Not only is it the official kick-off to the holiday season (and has football on throughout the day!), but it focuses on two things I really love—family and feasting. Oh, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, whose ending has always been the signal to put the turkey in the oven. I can’t forget that!
Our family has a long tradition of getting together for Thanksgiving. When I was younger, my mother’s parents and her older brother always joined us to share the meal. Or almost always. One year when I was in high school and we lived about ten miles from my grandparents, we got more than 30" of snow overnight on Thanksgiving Eve. At our house, we had the turkey and all the fixings. At my grandmother’s house were the desserts. My dad tried a couple of times to get out to pick them up, but the roads hadn’t been plowed yet, so he had to turn around. We got together for leftovers and lots of laughs the next day.
Another year, after I was married and had children of my own, we’d planned to get together with one of my sisters, her family and her in-laws. All went according to plan until my mom ended up in the ICU and my dad (who by then worked for the town) was called out to plow another three feet of snow. Mom got better, and Dad was able to stop in the house for a quick meal with us—including some pie, of course. We had extra reasons to be grateful that year.
The years have passed, and my family has scattered to live over almost 1500 miles apart from the farthest north to the farthest south. We all get together on occasion, but that doesn’t happen too often. That’s why last year, my son and some of his cousins decided to take matters into their own hands. They put out the word that they wanted to have a family reunion this year in the town where my dad lives (and where I grew up).
They put a lot of time into the plans, coordinating who would stay where and who would do what. Early on, we decided to have the meal catered and hold it at the membership hall of the church my dad attends (which is just around the corner from his house). That would give us access to two kitchens. The invitations went out through word of mouth and social media, and everyone got really excited. We may be missing two members of the family because of work obligations, but the rest plan to be there. The gathering of the food (of course, we need extra pies and other goodies) and the division of who will be bringing what has gone smoothly.
And this is what I love most about Thanksgiving. Being with family and catching up on new and old news. Gasping about how big the kids have grown since the last time we saw them. Discussing and debating sports teams and their chances next year. Starting so many sentences with, “Oh you remember [Fill in the name]. She (or he) was in school two years before you and...”
Oh, did I mention that we’ll be five generations strong? We’re looking forward to being together and each of us is thankful to have the chance to share hugs and a meal...and of course, pie!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Free Stuff with Suspense Author Sherri Shackelford!

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I'm excited about my new suspense release and ready to giveaway some books! As many of you know, I spent five years writing historical novels for Love Inspired. We were all sad to see the line close, but when one door closes--another opens.

I started writing suspense last year and I'm hooked! Pun intended...In celebration of my January release, I'd like to give away a current and a classic. Two winners will each receive a copy of No Safe Place (ebook or paperback. US and Canada residents) and one lucky winner will receive a copy of No Safe Place along with my favorite classic, And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie.

Image result for and then there were none

(And I just heard they're remaking 'Rebecca' for Netflix! I'm all in!! I've seen every adaption of Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice - twice. Okay...a lot. I've seen them a lot. I have some versions I like better than others. Even though the book is always better...I'm always up for a good adaptation. Lily James is playing the second Mrs DeWinter, and Armie Hammer is Maxim. Read more here:


To enter, leave a comment - tell me your favorite mystery/suspense classic, or simply say, 'hi'! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!



He lives by the law.

She’s running for her life.

After forensic accountant Beth Greenwood uncovers a money-laundering scheme tying her company to the organization that murdered her mentor, she knows she needs to go into hiding. With ruthless killers in pursuit, she’s forced to rely on homeland security agent Corbin Ross’s protection—even as his investigation suggests Beth is complicit in embezzlement. Can their uneasy alliance develop into something deeper—and keep them alive?


Agatha Christie

"Ten . . ."
Ten strangers are lured to an isolated island mansion off the Devon coast by a mysterious "U. N. Owen."

"Nine . . ."
At dinner a recorded message accuses each of them in turn of having a guilty secret, and by the end of the night one of the guests is dead.

"Eight . . ."
Stranded by a violent storm, and haunted by a nursery rhyme counting down one by one . . . as one by one . . . they begin to die.

"Seven . . ."
Which among them is the killer and will any of them survive?

A former naval reservist with a top-secret security clearance, Sherri writes rapid-fire suspense featuring captivating characters and heart-pounding romance. She's authored more than a dozen novels for Harlequin publishing, including both historical and contemporary suspense.

Visit her Website, or follow her on social media:

A Dollop of Gratitude by Laurel Blount

I have a confession: I’m a television show binger. When I find a program I love, I lose every scrap of self-discipline I have.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who’s like this.

Recently I stumbled across a British cooking show and decided to give it a try. I was instantly hooked.

It was fascinating. I watched as a dozen or so amateur bakers competed to successfully complete challenging assignments set by their two accomplished judges. At the end of each episode, one baker was spotlighted as the star and another one was sent home. These guys were incredibly good, and the dishes they had to create were amazingly difficult. Plus there was that whole fabulous British accent thing. I even found myself using expressions like spot on and simply scrummy, the highest compliment of all. (FYI, those things sound kind of strange combined with a Georgia accent.)

Anyway I adored that show—and that was a little strange too. I’m not usually a big fan of reality television programs. They seem to bring out the worst in people. Backbiting, jealousy, lying, betrayals…who needs more of that?

But this series was different.  As each competition warmed up, so did the affection between the contestants.

I watched as contestants held hands waiting for verdicts, celebrated with the spotlighted bakers and wept when a friend was sent home. I saw them come to each other’s rescue in tight spots, sometimes actually helping a competitor complete a dish. I saw them encourage each other through setbacks and cheer when a competitor got a handshake from a critical judge.

They gave their very best to their own work, sure, but they also wholeheartedly supported those working around them. It was beautiful to see. Don’t we all wish we had a community like that surrounding us?

You know what? I think Love Inspired authors kinda do. 
I've seen this group pray for and  encourage each other. I've watched them celebrate and sympathize with each other. I've also seen firsthand how welcoming they are to fledgling authors.

I love to tell this story.

Some years ago I attended my very first writing conference. I had just sold my debut book to Love Inspired, and I was brand spanking new to the writing world. I knew I had a lot to learn.

I nervously signed up for a pitch workshop because pitching (whatever that was) seemed like a really big deal. Better learn how to do that, right?

The workshop wasn’t what I’d expected. We were divided into very small groups. As in, mine consisted of me, one other writer and our assigned coach. Uh-oh--no hiding in the back row here! 

Secondly, that coach was none other than Debby Giusti, whom I knew only as a talented and prolific author for Love Inspired Suspense. I could barely focus on her pointers because I had to keep mentally pinching myself.

I’m sitting next to Debby Giusti. And she’s TALKING to me.

You can go ahead and laugh at me—Debby certainly chuckled when I told her about it later! She, of course, was gracious and kind, as Debby always is. When I stammered out how impressed I was by her, she leaned over and gave my arm a friendly squeeze.

“You just sold your first book to Love Inspired! I’m impressed by you, too!”

That story is the tip of a very large iceberg. As I said, I have met some of the most supportive and generous, faith-filled people through Love Inspired—and I’ve witnessed far too many of their kindnesses to list them all here.

Recently at a writing conference, I sat next to a lovely aspiring author at a luncheon. At one point, she leaned over and said, “I’m sorry if I seem a little weird. I’m just so excited. I can’t believe I’m sitting next to you!”

When I picked my jaw off the floor, I gave her arm a friendly squeeze and tried to do Debby proud. “I’m so excited to be sitting next to you, too!” She beamed, and I was so thankful for the opportunity to pass Debby's warm torch of welcome to another new writer.

So as we enter our Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., I’m going on record as saying that I’m grateful and proud to be cooking up my stories alongside some of the finest people in the business.

Because in my book all these ladies are simply scrummy!
Do you have a story like mine? Come on, spread a little love and tell us about it!

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Scripture

Greek icon of Second Coming, c.1700. [PD-US]

Jesus said to his disciples:
"In those days after that tribulation
the sun will be darkened,
and the moon will not give its light,
and the stars will be falling from the sky,
and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.

"And then they will see 'the Son of Man coming in the clouds'
with great power and glory,
and then he will send out the angels
and gather his elect from the four winds,
from the end of the earth to the end of the sky.

"Learn a lesson from the fig tree.
When its branch becomes tender and sprouts leaves,
you know that summer is near.
In the same way, when you see these things happening,
know that he is near, at the gates. 
Amen, I say to you,
this generation will not pass away
until all these things have taken place. 
Heaven and earth will pass away,
but my words will not pass away.

"But of that day or hour, no one knows,
neither the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."
Mark 13:24-32

In this season of Thanksgiving, the Love Inspired authors who are part of this blog community give thanks to all of you for your friendship and support. May the Lord bless you and those you love.

If you have any prayer needs, please mention them in the comments section so we can join you in prayer. You do not need to include specific names or situations of a private nature, just say that you have a prayer request. The Lord knows your heart and the needs you have. It is a privilege and honor to pray with you and for you.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Love Inspired Books Right to Your Mailbox

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Seeing God in the Hard Times by Jordyn Redwood

This time of year can be difficult for people going through hard times. Everyone on social media is posting their thirty days of gratitude and all you might want to do is put a big red "X" through every post. As a nurse, I see lives turn head over heels every day. Sometimes, in small ways, but other times in a life changing event. That day becomes the before and after day.

This was Christmas for me last year. About a week before the holiday, my grandfather unexpectedly had a stroke. Complications of the stroke are what ultimately killed him two days before Christmas.

Looking back, there were blessings during that time. Conversations and bonding happened between distant family members. I solidified with my step-grandmother how important she was to my daughters as they had never known my biological maternal grandmother as she had died when my oldest was not even six months old.

To say the least, it put a damper on the holidays. I felt slightly robbed and so I decided to leave a small Christmas tree up through the year. I only took it down this last August just before my oldest daughter's 16th birthday. It would have been just too much to explain why it was still up.

I think it's natural to ask and wonder why we are suffering. Whether illness, loss of job, loss of dreams, loss of income . . . name any type of hardship you want here. However, more often times than not, when looking back, there is some sort of blessing in the tragedy. Most often times, it has pulled us closer to God. It's helped us to recognize His domain over our lives-- that really He is the one in control (all control freaks-- you can get in my pick-up truck. This is my daily battle).

I've suffered with migraines for years. I'm doing much better now, but there are still times that they get the better of me. This was the case a few weeks ago. I had worked several night shifts and still had one more to go when I woke up in the afternoon with a crushing headache. I've never called out sick for a headache-- let alone a migraine-- but there wasn't a way I could battle through another twelve hours with that pain. Graciously, my manger let me stay home without it counting as a sick call because another nurse was able to cover.

About 10:30pm, my youngest yells down from the top of the stairs with complaints of not being able to sleep. She wants to "snuggle". Now, she is fourteen, but whatever-- I'll take these moments when I can get them. After she was settled in, she immediately begins to cry. Fifteen minutes later, I'm able to coax out of her what's been going on. She says, "Mom, I'm so glad you were home and that you were up."

Which I wouldn't have been if I'd woken up headache free.

All I could think was, "This is the reason for my pain. This is why I'm home tonight."

And I was grateful in that moment.

Recently, a friend of mine broke her arm. Because of that injury, she was able to go on a trip with her husband who needed her support emotionally. An oncology nurse once told me cancer was a blessing. I was flabbergasted and asked her why. Her statement, "In emergency medicine, death is sudden and unexpected. In oncology, we have time to say goodbye."

It may not happen right away, that clear vision that hindsight represents, but look for it during those times of hardship no matter what the season. Always remember, God does not abandon His people.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jordyn Redwood is a pediatric nursing supervisor by night, suspense novelist by day. She hosts Redwood’s Medical Edge, a blog devoted to helping contemporary and historical authors write medically accurate fiction. Jordyn’s novels have been nominated for multiple awards and she recently won the Contemporary Romance Writers Stiletto Contest with her novel Taken Hostage. You can connect with Jordyn via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and her website.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How quickly things change…

The leaves outside my window have turned from summer’s green to the myriad hues of autumn. All too soon, the bare branches of winter will fill my view, and I’ll be pining for springtime buds and new life to return.

Whether it’s the seasons, advances in science and industry, or our children shooting up to adulthood before our eyes, change is inevitable.

How quickly things change really hit home this year as I revised and updated a few of my earliest novels for republication. It hasn’t even been a decade since the books first released, but wait—were my characters really using flip phones back then? The vehicle one of my heroes was driving isn’t even manufactured anymore. And—horrors!—I’d shown characters stopping at a once-popular video store to browse the aisles for a movie to rent!

Yep, I had a little bit of editing to do to make those books realistic for 2018. And another 10 years from now? Who knows!

Here are some fun facts I found on the web:

  • December 1997—Toyota Prius, the first mass-produced hybrid auto, debuts
  • April 14, 1998—Netflix launches DVD rental website
  • September 4, 1998—Google is founded
  • December 1998—PayPal is founded
  • 2004—first Keurig model for home use
  • February 4, 2004—Facebook debuts
  • March 21, 2006—Twitter is launched
  • January 9, 2007—Apple announces the first iPhone
  • November 19, 2007—Amazon releases the first Kindle
  • April 3, 2010—Apple introduces the iPad
  • June 2010—Uber launches in San Francisco
  • August 26, 2010—Blockbuster announces plans to file for bankruptcy
  • October 6, 2010—Instagram debuts
  • Summer 2016—Amazon experiments with drone delivery

How many from this list have made a direct impact on your lifestyle? What other significant changes have you observed in the past 10 or 20 years?


Myra Johnson writes emotionally gripping stories about love, life, and faith. She’s currently at work on a new Love Inspired mini-series, Hill Country Haven, with returning characters from Her Hill Country Cowboy and Hill Country Reunion. The first book in the series, The Rancher’s Redemption, is slated for a May 2019 release.

Also look for the updated editions of Myra’s earlier romances:

Myra is a three-time Maggie Awards finalist, two-time finalist for the prestigious ACFW Carol Awards, winner of Christian Retailing’s Best for historical fiction, and winner in the Inspirational category of the National Excellence in Romance Fiction Awards. Originally from Texas but now residing in the beautiful Carolinas, Myra and her husband love the climate and scenery, but they may never get used to the pulled pork Carolinians call “barbecue”! The Johnsons share their home with two very pampered rescue dogs who don’t always understand the meaning of “Mom’s trying to write.” They’ve also inherited the cute little cat (complete with attitude) their daughter and family had to leave behind when they moved overseas.

Sign up to receive Myra’s e-news updates here!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Be Grateful

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I find I always have much in which to be grateful. Good music, my pets, my writing and, of course, my family and faith.

This week on the Love Inspired Authors and Readers Group on Facebook, I am sharing more about my favorite things and chatting with other readers and authors about theirs. If you are on Facebook, I hope you’ll come join us. It’s a very active group and great fun. You can find us here:

I do hope you'll join us, but whether or not you’re on Facebook, I’d love to know what you’re thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

Look for Deb Kastner's Christmas novel on the shelves starting November 20th or preorder here.

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Monday, November 12, 2018

Allie Pleiter on teaching young writers

For two years now, I’ve had the pleasure of guest lecturing at Taylor University’s Professional Writing program. Since the first year I met some of the students at the Write to Publish conference, I’ve been impressed with the talent, skill, and professionalism of these young writers of faith.  These students are getting ready to launch careers that utilize their gifts on behalf of God’s kingdom—even if they don’t end up in professional posts at faith-based publications. I have no doubt all of the publishing world is gaining some great assets in these up-and-coming scribes.

What did I tell them? 
  • Work hard. 
  • Conduct yourself with integrity and professionalism, because even exceptional talent will only get you so far. 
  • Find your style and speed (of course, I taught them the Chunky Method) and stick to it.
  • Mentors and writing heroes are great, but steer clear of paralyzing comparisons. 
  • Ignore “overnight successes” because they never are what they seem. 
  • Be the writer who makes the long, steady climb in the right direction, because those are the careers that last. 
  • Celebrate every little success.
  • Allow yourself to yell “ouch” when the failures and hurts come, but don’t stay down long. Pick yourself up and start over, or start new, or just start anywhere you can find a foothold.

I enjoy giving back to my profession. What do you do to bring up young people in your field of work, church, or community?

PS: Happy Veteran's Day and my heartfelt thanks to all who serve.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sunday Scripture

The Widow's Mite (Le denier de la veuve), James Tissot, 1836-1902,
Brooklyn Museum. [PD-US]

Jesus sat down opposite the treasury
and observed how the crowd put money into the treasury. 
Many rich people put in large sums. 
A poor widow also came and put in two small coins worth a few cents.
Calling his disciples to himself, he said to them,
"Amen, I say to you, this poor widow put in more
than all the other contributors to the treasury.
For they have all contributed from their surplus wealth,
but she, from her poverty, has contributed all she had,
her whole livelihood."
Mark 12:41-44

If you have any prayer needs, please mention them in the comments section so we can join you in prayer. You do not need to include specific names or situations of a private nature, just say that you have a prayer request. The Lord knows your heart and the needs you have. It is a privilege and honor to pray with you and for you.

Remembering our Veterans 
with prayers of gratitude for their service!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Another Side to the Ladies of Love Inspired Romance

Many of the Ladies of Love Inspired Romance write more than their Love Inspired Books. Here are some of this month's other new releases. Just click on the covers or buy links to purchase them. And to learn more about the authors, click on their names.
A Team Macachek Christmas Anthology
by Jean C. Gordon

Fall in love with the strong women and fearless men of the motocross circuit in these three heartwarming holiday stories:

Holiday Escape
Bridget O’Brien lost her fiancĂ© to a dangerous job. And, while she’d love to have a relationship like the one she lost, the last thing she wants is one with another man who willingly puts his life in danger. Luke Foster is a motocross racer whose track record with women runs short and no-strings-attached on both sides. He’d never seriously pursue a forever-after woman like Bridget. All they want is a holiday week away. Bridget from her well-meaning family’s condolences about her planned Christmas Eve wedding and her memories of a future that won’t be. Luke from his family’s annual critique at which he and his life choices always fall short of expectations. But, under the blue Caribbean skies, anything can happen.

Team Macachek Christmas
Sparks fly from a Christmastime reunion of motocross racer Jesse Brewster and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Cooper. Being thrown together to plan the race team's Christmas party reignites a flame Lauren thought she'd extinguished when she broke up with Jesse six months earlier. But will Jesse's well-meaning secret Christmas gift—meant to help win her back—compromise the independence Lauren is fighting to establish? Is it, as she maintains, the wrong time for their love?

Christmas Pizza to the Rescue
Jilted at the alter two weeks ago, motocross champion Royce Evans plans to make an appearance at the Team Macachek Christmas party to show the guys he’s just fine. Then he’ll hunker down alone at the team barracks for the rest of the holiday season. Out-of-work investigative reporter turned pizza delivery person Samantha Linder needs money for her younger sister’s special school tuition and needs to re-establish her cred as a reporter. When a freak winter rain storm strands them alone at the barracks, they strike a bargain that benefits them both. But after Sam appears to break that bargain, can even the spirit of Christmas save their blossoming love?

Sweet Contemporary Romance
A Christmas to Remember
by Deb Kastner

Cowgirl Maisey Gray knows horses, not six-year-olds. But when her socially-awkward, VR glasses-wearing neighbor needs help creating the perfect Christmas for his nephews, it’s up to Maisey to make sure Cam and the boys have a Christmas they’ll never forget!

Contemporary Inspirational Romance
A Brilliant Christmas
by Allie Pleiter

Zoe Walters pours her heart and soul into the community arts center she runs. Her kids could benefit so much from the brilliant talents of animator Nigel Langdon—if he weren’t such a legendary grump. The next six weeks of his artist-in-residency look like they’ll ruin Zoe’s Christmas for sure. And certainly, things get off to a rocky start until Zoe discovers the great big heart—and the deep hurt—Nigel’s been hiding under that crusty exterior. It turns out Nigel can see through to Zoe’s deepest wounds as well. When the arts center is threatened, Nigel and Zoe come together not only to save the organization, but to discover a love and the brilliant Christmas no one ever expected. (This novella originally appeared in an anthology entitled "I'll be Home for Christmas" in 2017.)
Contemporary Inspirational Romance 

To Cherish

After crossing two state lines escape her abusive ex-husband, Jemma McNally is eager to put the cooking skills she learned from her grandmother to good use in running the McNally B&B. But when she realizes she’s being stalked she is certain her ex-husband is responsible. She’ll do anything to keep her three year old son, Trey, safe even if that means asking Sheriff Deputy Garth Lewis for protection.

Refusing to repeat the mistakes in his past, Garth is determined to remain professionally distant from Jemma and Trey. But his heart refuses to listen to reason. He becomes emotionally involved with Jemma and Trey, caring about them far more than he should. When Trey is kidnapped and Jemma sacrifices herself for her son, Garth risks everything to rescue the child—and the woman who has stolen his heart.

Sweet Contemporary Romance 


Friday, November 9, 2018

Finding Thanksgiving by Marie Bast

I love the holidays and this time of year. It always brings to mind            
how much I have to be thankful for—our family, our health, for
the many blessings, but this year I get to add my first book with
Love inspired. I’m so grateful to the wonderful LI team and all
their hard work to get my book ready for publication. 

But Thanksgiving also goes deeper…

When I set the table with my grandmother’s antique Haviland Bavaria china and mom’s silverware, memories from past years with family come flooding back. One Thanksgiving years ago, it was my turn to host the traditional family dinner. It snowed 15.6 inches in northern Illinois the night before. I had cooked and baked for two days and had tons of food and afraid we’d be eating a 25-pound turkey for a month. They plowed the roads and everyone made it. Now we go to South Carolina for the winter, but my grandson thought he’d send me a reminder of those days.


Yet Thanksgiving can be about remembering a family vacation like
the one we had three years ago with our son and his family in Michigan and visiting the dunes and enjoying beautiful Lake Michigan. Two years ago, it was about taking a cruise to Mexico with our other son and his wife.

Thanksgiving was also when my husband had bypass surgery, and today I thank the Lord every day that he is here with me.
Yes, Thanksgiving is all these things and much, much more.
Thanksgiving isn’t about just one day, it’s about all the memories, all the good times, all the people, and yes, it’s about the food, too, and about sitting down together and joining hands in prayer and making new memories. It’s about finding all that we have forgotten about…

So what are your memories? Have you found your Thanksgiving?