Monday, March 20, 2017

Birthday Wish-A Hallmark movie

Terri Reed here, I watched this movie when it first aired in January. It was on again this past weekend.
Such a cute and fun movie. I really enjoyed the acting. Jessy Schram is delightful. For fans of Once Upon a Time, you'll remember her as Ashley Boyd, or better known as Cinderella.  
Luke Macfarlane was a sigh worthy hero. I first noticed him on SMASH and then on Supergirl. 
As for the premise, who wouldn't want a peek at their future?  

A successful commercials director expects her boyfriend to propose New Year's Eve and again at her 30th birthday. Blowing out the birthday candle she wishes to see her life ten years ahead. Her 
vision doesn't include her present boyfriend.

**We've been quiet here on the blog lately as we are in the process of updating and revamping our site, our look and adding new members. We're planning on a grand re-opening soon!
 Stay tuned.

In the meantime,  if you like dog books, I have two for you to check out.

Agent-in-Training is an online read only, prequel to the new Love Inspired Suspense continuity series starting in April with book 1, Guardian.

Friday, March 17, 2017

What We Are Writing By Margaret Daley

What We Are Writing
By Margaret Daley

Author: Mary Alford
Title: Alex Dalton's Story (Tentative Title)
Hero and Heroine: Alex and Rachel 
Line:  Love Inspired Suspense
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  
The still of the Wyoming night was broken by the noise of a vehicle’s engine. Right away, Rachel Simons knew something was wrong. Coupled with the map Liam left behind before he went to meet his asset, and a chill sped up her spine. Something had happened to Liam. She was almost certain of it. 
Due date:  No Due Date Yet
Word count goal today: 2,000
Something cool learned recently from research: I'm learning about the threat of Sarin gas.  

Author: Jolene Navarro
Title: De Zavala Ranch #2
Hero and Heroine: Santiago De Zavala & Emmeline Burket
Line:  LIH
One paragraph from the page you are currently on: Looking behind her, the man on the ground moaned, but his eyes remained closed. She couldn't leave him exposed. Muscles strained with tension she slipped her knife into her hand and stood her ground. 
Due date:  It part of a proposal I'm turning in this week
Word count goal today: To get it done. :)  
Something cool learned recently from research: This is set in 1839 so when I used the word puffy - I was worried it might be too modern. Found out that the word has been used in the English language to mean swollen since 1590. Not a modern word at all.  

Author: Deb Kastner
Title: Texas Christmas Twins (December 2017 release)
Hero and Heroine: Simon West and Miranda Morgan
Line: Love Inspired Contemporary
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:
He sure as shootin’ hadn’t come to visit her on a social call, much less to put himself on the hot seat—or underneath a makeshift tent with color crayons in his hand.
Due Date: Already turned in, but I'm working on a synopsis now for the next book so I thought I'd share a paragraph from the prior.
Word Count Goal Today: Polishing synopsis and 2,000 into first chapter of new book.

Author: Lorraine Beatty
Title: Bret and Nina’s story
Hero and Heroine:  Bret Sinclair – single dad, vet and business owner. Heroine- Nina Johnson, therapist, widow
Line: Love Inspired
Paragraph: Something wasn’t right. For the last three years she’d relished her solitude. She deliberately distanced herself from friends and activities. Being alone was the only time she felt safe and strong. Like some nocturnal animal, she scurry into her hidey hole locked the door and stayed buried until morning when she was forced to emerge and go about her job. 
Due Date: June 30
Word count today: 2000
Something cool learned from research:  In the last 50 years only one military Chaplain has been killed in battle.

Author: Pamela Tracy
Title: The Woman Most Wanted
Hero and Heroine: Tom Riley and Heather Graves
Line:  Harlequin Heartwarming
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  
“Heather Graves, let me introduce myself.  I’m Chief of Police and Acting Mayor Tom Riley.”
“I can see that words escape you tonight.  So, let me tell you a little bit about some of the decision-making powers a mayor has. Definitely a swaying factor in my taking on the role. Seems social services is under my jurisdiction. So, I’m giving us custody of Abigail.  We’ll head over tomorrow and pick up her stuff from Renate.”
“I approve of one word responses.  Sometimes, one word is all that is necessary.  By the way, will you marry me?  I don’t think I can do this custody thing alone.  I don’t know much about children, and quite frankly-”
Due date:  Done, doing revisions, this will be released in September
Word count goal today: none
Something cool learned recently from research:  Nothing yet, but I'm starting to research police dogs

Author: Jean C. Gordon
Title: TBD
Hero and Heroine: Noah Phelps and Erin Walsh
Line:  Love Inspired Contemporary
One paragraph from the page you are currently on: 
Noah Phelps walked around the front of his pickup truck and eyed the pigtailed pixie armed with a Louisville slugger who blocked the sidewalk to his duplex. His new neighbors must have moved in today.
Due date:  None yet.
Word count goal today: 1,200

Something cool learned recently from research:  I'm only a couple of pages into the proposal, and I don’t have any interesting research yet.

Author: Terri Reed
Title: Book 1 Military K-9 continuity series 
Hero and Heroine: Master Sgt. Westley James and Sgt. Felicity Monroe
Line: Love Inspired Suspense
One paragraph from the page you are currently on:
Westley sucked in a quick breath. Felicity was either going to hate him for this or be thankful for the opportunity to bring down Sullivan. Westley wasn’t sure which one he hoped for. 
“She will be your responsibility to keep safe, Sgt. James.” Hall’s gaze narrowed. “Are you up to the task?”
Pulse spiking, Westley nodded. “Yes, Sir.” 
Game on.
Due date: Just turned in the proposal
Word count goal today: moving forward goal will be 1500-2000
Something cool learned recently from research:

Oh, my word. The military is so complicated and fascinating at the same time. This is my first military book so I’ve been binge reading everything I can find about the Air Force and the Military Working Dogs program. It’s amazing to realize how much the dogs help our soldiers both during combat and at home. 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Not One Word

Howdy, Pamela Tracy here.  I was a writer before I married, meaning I was on deadline during my honeymoon.   I sold my first book to Harlequin when I was eight months pregnant.  I didn't write while I was in the hospital :)

Really, I think the four days I spent in the hospital after having my son were the last Tracy adventure where I didn't write.

Until this past weekend.

We went camping.

If you look at bygones days from the blog, I post about camping a lot.  And, usually, you see a picture of me typing while looking at awesome views.

Not this time.

We were too busy.

Oh, and while I didn't type a word - I got a new story idea, so it was still a working holiday.

Our spot, right by a stream.
This was an accidental find.
See, our usually spot was closed due to snow.
Yes, that's right.  My family camps in snow.
Don't look at me!
That's my husband's idea.
Me, I'm happy those roads were closed so we could camp by a stream.

Boys still whittle.
At least mine does.
While his dog looks on.

I definitely advise campers to find a stream.
We listened to the running water all night.

The boys built boats out of wood, paper plates, and whatever they could find.

We went looking for geodes.
The boys climbed down an embankment and found a cave.
My son was willing to explore.
I'm very good with the word "NO"

Much of our adventures are done on quads.

Two bridges.
The left is the last remaining Arizona bridge made by the CCC
during Franklin Roosevelt's effort to provide work
during a depressed time.
All the rest were destroyed when building new bridges.
The right is the new bridge, big enough to accommodate two vehicles.

Not only are we standing on an historical site
we're also being photo bombed on an historical site
Don't worry
We know them

We found Slide Rock
But, the water is snow run-off
Our feet got very cold

My favorite moment
Me and little me
Hope you got some ideas from my weekend.  LOL