Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring in the Desert

This is Merrillee reporting in after a trip to Tucson, Arizona. The desert air is dry, and this Florida gal certainly noticed, as every part of my body was chapped. I was slathering on lotion and lip balm at every turn. This year has been an unusual weather year for many parts of the country. The desert has had more rain than usual, so the area although not green like Florida is greener than usual. I took a few photos of the some of the vegetation in the area. Many of the cacti were in bloom. Enjoy spring in the desert.

What unusual weather have you had this year?


  1. I live in northwest Louisiana. In March and April our days varied between 75 hot and humid to 45 with snow flurries.

  2. Here in MS after 4 years of drought conditions we have had record rainfall. This winter was also cooler than we have been having. We have already hit the 90's this spring.

  3. LOL, I'm thinking "She took pictures near my neighborhood." AZ has had great weather his year. My son and I took a bike ride last night, perfect. I love Tucson, too. One of my best friends lives there.

  4. Sherri and Beemama,
    Sounds like you are having the kind of spring that we had, too, in northern Florida.

  5. Pamela,
    I thought of you when we were flying in and out of Phoenix. I hear it is hot there now.