Saturday, December 18, 2010


When Karen Imhoff finds a beaten man lying unconscious by the road in her Amish community, she doesn't hesitate to help. "John Doe" needs a place to stay while he regains his memory, and she has a room to rent. The handsome Englisher proves invaluable around the family farm, yet his presence wreaks havoc with her emotions. Karen has her younger siblings to care for. She can't fall for an outsider who doesn't know his own identity. But as Christmas draws closer, the simple grace of this life—and this woman—could inspire John to make Karen's dreams come true….


Julie Hilton Steele said...

Loved this book!

Pat Davids said...

Julie, I'm delighted you enjoyed the story. The plot was inspired by a comment my daughter's father-in-law made when we were discussing my Amish reseach. He happened to mention that many Amish buggy horses are former race horses. What an intriging thought. After that, it was simply a case of plotting why and what ifs. Why would someone who once worked in the world of racing be staying in an Amish community long enough to fall in love with an Amish woman? The idea of amnesia seemed the perfect answer.

CatMom said...

Sounds like a great story, and I LOVE that book cover!
Merry Christmas! Patti Jo