Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Want to Write for LIH? Emily Rodmell tells you how...

Today we're delighted to welcome Emily Rodmell, an editor at Harlequin. If you've ever dreamed of writing for Harlequin, then be sure to keep reading. She's got some great tips for you!

Good morning everyone. I’m Emily Rodmell, and I’m the associate editor for Harlequin’s 3 Love Inspired lines (Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical). I’m here today to talk to you about the great opportunity we have at Love Inspired Historical for new writers. LIH doubled its output from two to four books a month this year, and it’s opened up a whole lot of opportunity for new writers looking to get published. Since the expansion, we’ve published 9 new to LIH authors (many of them debut authors), and we currently have 10 more scheduled to publish by the end of 2012.

If you’re an aspiring historical writer, we’d love for you to submit to us. We’re looking for historical romance novels of 70-75K words and are open to any time period prior to World War II. Westerns are our bread and butter, but we also are excited about the variety of other time periods and settings we have in the schedule: Regency, missionaries in Africa, Scottish, Roman Empire, Amish and many more. The sky’s the limit. We’re looking for great stories, well told. Catch our attention with a great opening and make us not be able to put the book down. The best advice I can give to aspiring writers is to read books the line publishes to get a feel for what we’re buying. If you want to check out the newest LIH debut authors to see what caught our eyes, here are some suggestions:

The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst
The Aristocrat’s Lady by Mary Moore
Unlawfully Wedded Bride by Noelle Marchand

Submitting is easy. Check out our guidelines here: and then submit to my attention or to any of the other LIH editors by mailing a query to one of us at 233 Broadway, Suite 1001 New York, NY 10279. We require a full manuscript from unpublished authors or a synopsis and three chapters from published authors. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer. You can find me on Twitter (@EmilyRodmell) or on the Harlequin message boards ( I hope to see submissions from all of you. 


  1. Very exciting for historical romance writers!

  2. Emily, thanks for visiting the Craftie Ladies of Romance and for providing great information about submitting to LIH!

    I was spreading the news at the recent GRW Moonlight and Magnolias Conference. So many writers said they planned to submit.

    They love all the books LI publishes, which is always good to hear! Thanks for what you do to ensure LI, LIS and LIH stories stand out from all the rest!

  3. Hi Emily! It is so nice seeing you here :)

    Emily is my fabulous editor and writing for LIH is extremely exciting! Reading the line is also loads of fun too :)

  4. Hi Emily,

    It's so nice to "meet" you!

    I love reading all of the LI lines, but LIH is my favorite! What a great opportunity.

  5. Hi Emily! Thanks for visiting with us today--I will second Eva Maria's comment about writing for LIH. It is one of the most fun and exciting adventures I've had so far!

    And like Debby, I've been spreading the word to all the historical romance authors I know from other loops. Thanks for all you're doing to continue the success of all the LI lines.

  6. Hi Emily! It's awesome to have you here! I have to agree with Eva, historicals are loads of fun to write. And Emily is there every step of the way to guide you and help you publish the best product. I feel blessed to be writing for LIH!

  7. I'm enjoying learning a lot writing for LIH as well. Thanks for coming, Emily!

  8. Hi Emily! Thanks for visiting today. I'm going to agree with my fellow LIH authors. It's very exciting to write for Love Inspired (and to read all those great books!), and the historical line is wide open to time periods. Where else can you find Roman alongside World War II and Regency?

    Emily is my editor also, and it's a delight to work with her and all the Love Inspired editors. I encourage historical romance writers to submit.

  9. as a reader I love the LIH and have to say even like the regency's you have out and I am not a regency fan.
    I do love the different places. I am hoping one day you will have a LIH set in Australia.
    there are so many good eras here.

  10. Hi! I awarded your blog 'The Versatile Blogger' Award!

  11. As a reader, I'm so glad there is a LIH. I've always loved history and it's great to have a whole category of books to satisfy me when I want to read it! Thanks to all the great writers you have and good luck to all the new ones to WANT to write from LIH! I hope there's one set in Australia too! Let's make Ausjenny happy :)

    Hello Ausjenny! Found a job yet??

  12. Emily,
    We're so glad you're here! LIH hooked me when you put out a gladiator book. How cool is that!

  13. Hi Valri no luck in the job hunt got rejected twice this week one I expected the other was at McDonalds but was rejected there too.

  14. Emily, thanks for this good news. I will surely contact you soonest. I am an aspiring writer for all LI lines and I trust god to get me published. Have a great day!

  15. It's been a pleasure to visit with you all.

    LI Writers: Thanks for stopping by. You're all a joy to work with.

    Aspiring writers: Definitly send a submission our way.

    Readers: It's always great to "meet" you online and to hear what you like or don't like about the books. We can only publish what people submit, so if you want to see Australian books in LIH, tell your Australian writer friends to send them our way. :)


  16. Welcome, Emily! We're glad you joined us today.

    Emily is my amazing editor as well. :)

  17. Jenny, I'm so sorry to hear about the jobs. Keep plugging away, and I'm sure you'll find the perfect one.

  18. Emily, thank you for visiting here. Historicals are so much fun to read--visiting different time periods. What an opportunity for writers.