Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story
By Margaret Daley

This is one of my favorite movies at Christmas. I've watched it many times and I don't usually watch a movie more than once. Although I was a little younger than Ralphie at the time the movie took place, a lot of what happened spoke to me and brought back such fond memories of Christmas as a child. There are some priceless scenes--the one with the leg lamp, visiting Santa Claus, the Red Ryder B.B. gun obsession and how to get one, the tongue glued to the flagpole, the classroom scenes, etc. I could go on and on about the movie. What Christmas movie have you enjoyed--possibly watched more than once?


Jenny Blake said...

Hey thats another things books taught me to never do stick my tongue on a pole in winter.

I saw that movie about a year ago for the first time.

One I use to watch every year but cant at present cos its to emotional is "Christmas Shoes" The mother dies in it and I cant handle that at present still. I have a few I re-watch and that is a must normally. I love Mrs Claus also with Angela Landsbury in it. I want to watch some movies but we dont seem to show many til Christmas week. I do have a few on dvd and hopefully will be up to them in a few days. (Just adjusted the meds up and not sure if its the med or something else but just felt really sick for a little while. Going to call it a night and hope I sleep it off).

Margaret Daley said...

Jenny, I hope you feel better soon.

Jenny Blake said...

Thanks Margaret. its more a matter of managing the pain etc. am hoping the I had a bug last night and its not the meds.