Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve--plans?

HI Terri Reed here, can you believe it's New Year's Eve?
Our family will be joining another family for a game night. We'll have food and fun and leave early to get home to be with the dogs before all the ruckus starts. Every year there are fireworks!

Do you all have plans for this evening?

Stay safe, everyone. And have a Happy New Year's Eve.


Trixi said...

Happy New Year's Eve Terri!! Game night sounds like a lot of fun :-) I remember as a teen, my mom & dad and us kids would go over to their friends house and play cards through the night. We'd have lots of finger foods and sweets to eat and SO much laughter. I haven't done that for years!

Nowadays, we have a quiet night at home, sipping on Apple cider and then watch the ball drop on TV (early, lol) about 9pm PST. It's too hard to stay up until! We do hear a few fireworks in the neighborhood but not many thankfully :-)

Happy New year to ALL the Craftie ladies! May 2017 be the best yet for you and may God pour many blessings on you!

Cate Nolan said...

My mom and dad used to always have a New year's Eve party, but I'm happy to stay in with my family. Current plans include snuggling up with the dog and editing. #myideaoffun

Actually, since "they" say to begin the year as you hope to live it, writing sounds like a great way to usher it in.

Debby Giusti said...

I'm enjoying the end of 2016 with family! Salmon is cooking on the grill. We'll eat a yummy dinner soon. Not sure if I'll stay up to hail in the New Year! Sometimes a good night's sleep beckons!

Happy New Year to all!

Terri Reed said...

Trixi, staying in sounds nice on such a cold night. Thankfully our friends don't live too far away. We made sliders to take over. Thank you for being such a loyal reader!

Cate, writing in the New Year is a fun tradition that several of my RWA chapter mates do each year.

Debby, grilled Salmon sounds yummy.

Scraproni: Adventures of Single Woman said...

went to a variety concert was very good

Terri Reed said...

I love variety concerts. Very fun.