Thursday, July 27, 2017

It's Classified, but I can tell you--Lenora Worth

So I love writing about K9 officer dogs. I've always admired them and one of my early Love Inspired books (A Tender Touch) was about a police officer and his K9 partner. They were on leave after an accident and my hero, Clay, went home to Sunset Island, Georgia, to heal. But when a child goes missing, Clay and Samson help to locate him. I did research back then but little did I know that things would go even deeper with my K9 fascination. As of now, I've written books for seven K9 continuities and I'm working on number eight. So my research has gone way beyond that first book.

I love the research and I love working on the continuities with the other talented LIS writers who are my friends. We brainstorm, bang our heads against the wall, laugh, sometimes cry!!, but always respect the writing. We want to get things right while keeping in mind this is first a romance but always suspenseful.

So I'm happy to say that my next K9 adventure comes out in September. It's the last book of the Classified K9 series about an elite FBI team in Montana who are searching for an agent who might have gone rogue. My book brings the rogue agent face to face with the mother of his son and his half-brother (my hero) to bring the whole series to a climatic end! (Of course.) But meantime, I wanted to show off the covers again. They are always wonderful and suspenseful and hey, we love the K9s!

I hope those of you who love suspense will comment on this series if you're reading it and for those who haven't read any of the LIS K9 series, give them a try. Our dogs will woof at you! Leave a comment and I'll draw a name and send you a free early copy of my September release Tracker! Check back here next week for the winner!

The first four books, available NOW online!!

The next book out in August:

And my story, out in September:

This is Cheetah. He's an Australian Shepherd!

Tell us what you think!


  1. I appreciate dogs (and appreciate the books they are in) so much more now that I have one. Lucy the Dog is a little like Shirley's cover. Man is training tough :)

  2. Those stories are always fun reads!

  3. I love the K9 LIS books! There some of my favorites!

  4. I just watched the saddest video this morning about a Marine K-9 who had to be put down due to bone cancer. He'd been through several tours of duty and was now working as a PTSD therapy dog for his Marine partner. They gave him a dress blue send off. :(

  5. Definitely great covers by some talented authors!

  6. I love books with K9s in them—reading and writing.

    1. And you are one of the best, Margaret!

  7. I love the covers. The story sounds intriguing. I look forward to reading it up.


  8. Hi Lenora. These books look awesome. I am such a dog lover. I find these dogs to be so heroic and smart. We recently lost our chocolate lab and want to get another dog at the end of the summer. My daughter told me that there are K-9 puppy candidates who don't make the final cut for the program and that these dogs can be adopted. Of course the waiting list is terribly long, but they sound so adorable. Blessings!

  9. It was such a great experience writing this series. I think this one is my favorite.

  10. Oooh, what an intriguing hook, Lenora! I look forward to reading it.