Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Day - lost, as usual

Okay, I wrote this early, then lost it, then posted where I thought I belonged and ended up on the LI author's site! It's a good thing God loves me because I have plenty of faults! Boy, do I!

Anyway, I just discovered my error and went back online to try to make it up. The following is the end of my original post which is pretty out-of-date by now!

"Truly, it doesn't matter what day you celebrate our Savior's birth or when you choose to give gifts. What I believe does matter, is that you do it all with love and teach your children that Jesus is Lord. In the chaos that used to mark my Christmases I often lost sight of that.

REMEMBER HIM. That's the only thing that really counts."

In His Love,

Valerie Hansen

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