Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Craftie Lady Jill Kemerer!

Hi everyone! Jill Kemerer here. This is my first post as a Craftie Lady, and I couldn't be more excited! You see, I was one of the very first followers of this blog way back when all of my publishing dreams seemed impossible and far off. I've been reading Love Inspired books for years. When I got the "call" in May 2014 that I'd finally sold to LI, I cried big, ugly thank you tears. My second novel, Unexpected Family, hit store shelves yesterday. I'm pinching myself!

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I married my high school sweetheart. Here we are at a Toledo Mudhens game. The first picture is typical. I don't remember what he said, but it obviously annoyed me! The second picture is us playing nice. :) The sun was really bright, so I kind of look like I don't have eyes. Sorry about that. I do have eyes. I promise. 

I live outside of Toledo, Ohio with Mr. Funny Guy up there, two teens and one needy mini-dachshund. Years ago I was an electrical engineer, then I became a stay-at-home mom, and now I'm a full time writer. My commute is about twenty steps upstairs. No complaints here. :)

I'm not a morning person. Coffee is about the only thing I truly look forward to when waking up. I load it with a lot of flavored creamer, and I do not stop at one cup of joe. I'm more of a 2-3 cups gal. The Cinnabon flavor is amazing. Yum! Once a mug of coffee is in my hand, I spend time reading the Bible and praying. Without prayer, I get frazzled. Coffee and prayer--essentials of my life.

An hour or two later, I find my groove. My dear friend and neighbor keeps me in shape. We do yoga together twice a week, and our dogs join in. They chase each other through our poses, and they love every minute of it. The rest of my day is spent plotting, writing, revising or promoting.

Our kids are busy in sports, so I spend a lot of time at their events or carpooling with other parents. During my free time, I love taking long walks in the gorgeous parks around our area. My favorite hobby is reading. I read Christian romance novels, historical romance novels, classics, nonfiction, magazines and the occasional bestseller.  Besides that, I'll be teaching preschoolers at Sunday school again this year. They are so cute!

Besides that I occasionally try my hand at crafts. This usually means a $75 run to Hobby Lobby, burning myself on the hot glue gun, and ending up with a mediocre wreath or similar item. Still, I tried.

So there you have it--Jill Kemerer in a nutshell. Is there anything else you'd like to know? Feel free to ask!

Unexpected Family, is in stores now, and the digital book will be available September 1, 2015. Click HERE for links to all major online retailers.

His Surprise Daughter 

After five years apart, Tom Sheffield is shocked to find his ex-wife, Stephanie, on his doorstep. The news that they share a child he's never met sends him reeling. Four-year-old Macy has his eyes, his mouth and, from their first encounter, his heart. Things with her mother are much more complicated. He doesn't understand what went wrong between them or why she kept their daughter a secret. And he's afraid of falling in love all over again. Yet he feels a glimmer of hope that somehow he can convince Macy and Stephanie to stay in Lake Endwell—and with him—for keeps.


Fess up--do you love coffee in the morning? If yes, how do you take yours? If not, what motivates you to get out of your warm, cozy bed? 

Have a terrific day!


  1. Welcome! We're so glad you're a part of the Craftie Ladies. Loved reading your life story.
    Book sounds awesome too.

  2. Good morning, Jill and welcome to Craftie Ladies. I absolutely love the covers LI has given both your books.

    I have to admit to being a bit envious of your commute. I'm a full time teacher so writing gets squeezed in, but I do love teaching.

    I love the pictures you shared.

  3. Hi, Jill! So glad you're here. And I can't wait to read your new release. LOVED the first one.

    I seem to have morphed into a morning person over the years and usually hit the ground running. No coffee for me, though. It's gotta be tea. I buy it by the half kilo and usually have anywhere from one to six cups a day, depending on the weather. The colder it is--yeah, I know, cold is relative in Texas--the more tea I drink.

  4. Welcome, Jill! Great to get to know a little about you! Congratulations on your new release!

  5. Jill, welcome! I really enjoyed reading your post. And I have to admit, I love coffee as well. Like you, I have a cup of coffee with my morning devotional. If we ever meet, we'll go out and enjoy one together!

  6. How exciting, Jill. Your story sounds lovely.

  7. Congratulations on your latest release, Jill. I can't wait to read it.
    Like Cate, I'm jealous of your commute. I have to drive downtown each morning. Thankfully, I have flexible hours, so I'm at my desk by 6:00 am, to miss the traffic.

  8. Pamela, thank you so much! I'm so excited to be here! Yay!

    Cate, thank you about my covers. I actually cried when I got the first one, and I squealed with the second--they were everything I'd hoped for and more! I would envy my commute too. I feel extremely blessed to be able to stay home and write. Keep squeezing in your writing! I use a few apps on my phone to eek out a few paragraphs whenever I'm sitting in the car, waiting for my son's practice to let out. :)

    Mindy, right back at you! I love your books! I can't wait to read your release from last month. :) I drink a lot of tea, too. Iced, hot--any time of year. It's all good.

    Sandra, thank you so much!

    Barb, woohoo! Another coffee and devotional lover! I'd love to have a coffee date!

    Louise, thank you!! I appreciate it!

    Jill Kemerer

  9. Welcome, Jill! Loved reading your blog and learning about your busy life. I'm a Buckeye and an Ohio State grad! Go Bucks!

    Like you, I start the day with coffee and prayer. A good combination!

  10. Welcome, Jill! I loved reading about you and your busy life. Enjoy those teens while they're still at home - - I still miss my kiddos now that I have an empty nest. *sigh* (Thankfully I do have lots of kitties who keep me busy.) ;)

    Congratulations on your second book - - love that cover! I'll be sure and look for it when I'm in the store. :)
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo

  11. p.s. Meant to add I am a true "coffee-holic" - - drink it all day! :)

  12. Jill W: I don't blame you! Commuting is so stressful. I would leave early, too! Congratulations on your Blurb2Book sale!! I can't wait to read yours!

    Rue: Thank you SO much for stopping over, Rue! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

    Debby: That's really cool you graduated from OSU! We have several friends with kids going there. Don't hate me, but I'm a Michigan Wolverine fan through and through! I DID root for the Bucks at the National Championship game, though, for the Big 10! Haha!

    Jean: Thank you!!

    Patti Jo: Aw, you're a coffee-holic too! Woohoo! I'm already getting sad my kids are growing so fast. I'm now the shortest one in the family. *sniff, sniff* Kitties make life better. I plan on getting another cat at some point, but Sophie, the wiener dog, is keeping me company. :)

    Jill Kemerer

  13. Welcome, Jill! Congrats on your first LI! I love to read "call" stories, and those tears are NOT ugly. They're wonderful. Enjoy every step of this journey.

  14. Christine: Thank you!! I appreciate your kind words. I'm pretty sure those tears WERE ugly, but I'm thankful for them! :)

    Jill Kemerer

  15. Congratulations on your new book and your new blogspot. So nice to meet you this summer. Best wishes on your TV interview.

  16. Bettie! Thank you so much for stopping by! I loved meeting you and hope we can meet again!

  17. Welcome! It's so good to "cyber" meet you!

  18. Thanks, Dana! It's good to cyber-meet you too!! Hopefully, we'll be able to meet in person someday!

  19. A belated welcome, Jill!!! I love your fall cover!

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  21. I was so excited to see your addition to this blog. After reading a glowing review for Small-Town Bachelor, I purchased it and, ironically, I just purchased your second one (Unexpected Family) last night. I wish the best for your writing career. Terrill