Monday, July 9, 2018

A Summer Love Chapter 7, by Pamela Tracy

Fifteen years ago, he hadn't been mature enough to fight for her.  He'd had too many doubts and wanted to make something of himself and then come back for her, a hero.

He'd been sent overseas and seldom made it home.  When he did managed to land on Summer Shore's soil, Jenny was always off somewhere.  First, she attended in college, graduating with honors.  Then,  she'd joined the Peace Corp and used her nursing skills in places where few nurses trod.  Last he'd heard, she was in Alaska working at a clinic in a rural area.

Looks like their dreams weren't all that different.  Too bad they couldn't have made something of themselves together.

Bending down, he rubbed his ankle.  The damaged ligaments had been reattached to the bone, and yes, the military doctors called him "good as new" but they'd not put him back into active duty.  He was good as new and a little  unstable - thus, his limp.

Truth was, Jake wanted to fulfill his twenty year commitment to the US of A.  To do that, he needed his ankle to fully heal, and the military doctors to verify that he was better than new.  One of his buddies had gone through the same type of injury and had shared the name of a specialty clinic up in Oregon.

But, Jake would need a good chunk of change for the therapy.  If he were the only owner of his childhood home and sold it, he'd be able to swing it.

Sitting back in the rocker on the wrap-around veranda, he stroked Ralph's furry head as he watched  Jenny shashaying up the walkway.  Why had she returned home?  Why hadn't she married? One thing for sure, she'd not changed a bit.

No, he had, and although his goal had been to come back a hero - for her - it looked like he might fail again.


  1. No, Jake. Don't do it! Stay with Jenny.

    Thanks for a great installment, Pam.

  2. I agree. We need Jake to get reacquainted with his softer side!

  3. I can hardly wait for the next chapter.

  4. I am on edge waiting to see how this all works.

  5. Jake and Jenny need to be together. Ralph already knows this!!!

  6. I can't wait to see how this all works out!

  7. More conflict! I'm eager to learn what happens next!

  8. LOL, yes more conflict, and an underlying sense that dogs are much smarter than people!

  9. Oh no how is this going to resolve itself. So much funTo watch them both squirm.