Monday, March 25, 2019

Twix the what and the huh???

Hello, all. Dana Mentink, here. We had a rolicking good time on St. Patty’s Day with the Mentink clan and assorted holiday foods including corned beef, cabbage, etc. It was a hoot, as it always is. My sister shared an old saying she learned somewhere along the way. “There’s always a slip, twix the cup and the lip.” We had a great time alalyzing that one! I think we concluded that it meant that life is unexpected and many things can set us back a pace. It got us to thinking about other sayings and their meanings. My mother always used to tell us to “wring it out like a turnip” before we set off on a car trip. I’ll leave you to decipher the meaning of that one. My favorite from my father is, “Never keep such an open mind that people can fill it full of garbage.” I think my children will probably remember the little nugget I have repeated to them since their wee years. “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”

So over to you, dear cyber friends. What are some sayings common to your family? And, of course, feel free to add those special truisms that you’ve handed down to your peeps!

Here’s a link to Dana’s latest, a 99 cent prequel to the upcoming Love Inspired Suspense continuity series, True Blue K-9 Unit!


  1. Dana, love your mother's phrase. We always "read the table," which meant to clear off the dishes. For years, I thought everyone "read" their tables. I imagine it comes from "ready" the table. I learned the phrase from my maternal grandmother. She had a German background and lived in Ohio, and I have heard other Ohioans use the expression. Does anyone else "read" their tables?

    1. That's a new one to me. But I'm a California girl.

  2. Hi Dana - Wring it out like a turnip, never heard of that one, now I will be thinking about that all day. Great fun! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Speaking of turnips, I remember, You can't get blood out of a turnip.

  4. My grandmother used to say I was like a ringtailed tooter. I have no idea what that means other then I was a handful. LOL


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