Friday, March 4, 2011

Ask Elnora--Relationships????

Okay, today, darlings, let's discuss relationships. That's the buzz word for "people who need people". Aren't we the luckiest people in the world? Why do we need other people in our lives?

Well, Elnora needs people to change light bulbs and slay spiders, of course. But mostly, we all need other people to make our lives better. It's about love. And maybe it's just me, but some of the people I love the most drive me a little nuts.And I mean, tossing the pearls and throwing the shoes nuts. And yet, I couldn't live without them. So let's talk about what makes a great relationship and what not to do. Ask away? I have tons of experience in this department!

While you're pondering your fabulous questions, tell me what you love about Friday??
Besides being here with us, of course!


Kim Watters said...

Hmmm. Good questions Elnora. When I figure out what makes a good relationship, I'll let you know. I certainly do know what doesn't make one, but since that's not the question....What's not to love about Friday? It's almost the weekend! :) And movie night with the kidlets.

PamelaTracy said...

I think the hardest thing about relationships (marital) is realizing that two people do not always 'interpret' events the same way.
As for Fridays, yeah. My kidlet is having his first overnight friend, and tomorrow we're going to ride Thomas the Train! (He's visiting at a nearby train depot)

Missy Tippens said...

Honesty and communication! And I guess I should add patience. :)

Fridays are fun because it's my husband's day off! Of course, I'm usually working. But it's nice to have him home.

Vince said...

Hi Elnora:

I think the key to a good marital relationship is having both parties continually striving to become the right person for the other. That’s because we are all works in progress. (Writer's idom).


P.S. I can’t help but think the name “El Nora”, refers to Nora Roberts just as "The Donald” refers to Donald Trump. Is anyone else having this problem?

Vince said...

Hi Missy;

I’ve done a Communication class for years (plug: in fact, you can order it on my website) and I’m fond of saying that most communication problems are not communication problems.

While marriage councilors are known to say that one of their biggest complaints is, “He doesn’t listen…” the truth is: He listens fine.

The problem is obedience not communications! (Yesterday’s topic).

You tell him to do something and he doesn’t listen. (It’s called selective hearing and it’s God’s gift to husbands.)


Lenora said...

Hello, my lovelies. Ah, friday. The first day of the rest of my weekend. I have always loved Fridays. Mainly because I was usually in trouble the rest of the week.

Relationships are like shoes. Some look beautiful but they pinch. Is that friction part of learning to love?

Vince, the ladies can tell you Elnora has been around a long time. It's my little alter ego. Nothing to do with that Nora you mentioned. Elnora likes to give advice for fun and purposeful intent. My ladies here know all about good relationships and bad things that happen in all relationships. Did I mention that sometimes I have to toss my pearls up in the air??

Leann said...

When I was teaching, Fridays were the ha-ah day. 2 days off. Driving home on Friday was the best feeling.

What makes a good relationship? Early on my husband and I fought over me screwing the lid on the toothpaste. He'd try rolling it up and if the lid wasn't tight he squirted toothpast all over the place. My solution, 2 tubes. His and mine. So think outside of the box.

Lenora said...

Good tip, Leann. Thinking outside the box. Relationships tend to put us in a little box sometimes. But it's surely more fun and more fulfilling to try and think of new ways to win over a loved one who might not see things your way. My husband and I have two different toothpaste tubes. Elnora wants toothpaste with all the bells and whistles while Big Daddy just wants the cheapest one on the shelf! This seems to work in our house! Where is everyone? Probably out playing!

Leann said...

Same here. Hubby want the plain jane no bells and whistles toothpaste. And do you know how hard that is to find that nowdays?

I've finished my writing and I'm off to play.

PamelaTracy said...

I love the toothpaste story. When I first married, I had a blue toothbrush and Don a pink. I kept using the pink because to me girls use pink. I had to throw them away!
So, for the last eight years, I've always purchased blue toothbrushes for him; pink fo rme.

Lenora said...

There are a lot of toothpastes out there. I like to read all the labels. Hope you have a fun afternoon, Leann. Elnora thinks play is the best part of the day!

Lyn Cote said...

I think humility is necessary for a relationship to work. I can be wrong-there I said it!