Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Linda Goodnight here. Remember when Cabbage Patch Dolls were the rage? Or when parents tackled each other in toy stores to get the last Tickle Me Elmo? It seems every few years a toy becomes "the thing". I’m not sure if Zhu-Zhu pets qualify as the big thing today, but if you have a child under the age of 12, you know about them. You probably even own some. A Zhu-Zhu puppy was the only toy my 11 year old requested for her birthday.

So I got to thinking about Jace and Kitty, main characters in my current Love Inspired, A PLACE TO BELONG. What toys would they have played with as kids? For Kitty, a child of the 80’s, the answer was easy: Strawberry Shortcake and all her assorted items. As for Jace, he’d have begged his mom for a Big Wheel Hot Cycle. Remember those?

So how about you? What was the popular toy from your childhood? Or one your child just had to have?


  1. My must-have toy was a Beautiful Chrissie doll. She had long red hair that you could make long or short just by turning a knob.

    My son's must-have toy are legoes. Not just any, though, they have to be the builder sets.

    I'm thinking Zhu Zhu pets would be must more affordable.

  2. I always wanted a Tiny Tears doll but never got one. I also got a knock-off Barbie. But I'm not complaining! I had fun.

  3. Teddy Ruxpin! And of course Strawberry shortcake and glow worms...child of the 80s! lol

  4. We are saving the legoes for our grandchildren.

    My daughter had to have American Girl dolls.

    I remember all those little fairy dolls and others that were small enough to fit in tiny things. Can't think of the name. Never Barbies though. I just tore their heads off.

  5. Good Question Im not sure. I wanted one of those dolls who hair grows. You push a button and she could have longer hair or push it again it got short again. I also loved barbies and had the imitations and got my cousins.

  6. Pamela, the Chrissie doll with her growing hair. I wanted one of those myself!

  7. Ladies,
    It's fun hearing of your toys. Julie, you made me laugh--tearing the heads off Barbie! I wanted a Barbie but we never had the money. But then, I also wanted a pony and a million other things. lol

    Showing my age, Jennifer, but my son wanted a Teddy Ruxpin.

    Lyn, do you remember the magic decoder rings?

  8. I got the first Barbie put out. I enjoyed making up stories about Barbie and Ken. A romance author was born.

  9. Chatty Kathy! You pulled a string and she talked. :)

    For my kids, I most remember searching to find the latest Beanie Babies! We still have them. :)

  10. Chatty Kathy! I'd forgotten about her. My daughter talked just like her when she was small. lol


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