Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mothering Instincts

Kim Watters here. I found a baby bird the other day. Poor thing barely had any feathers and was definitely too young to be out of his nest. It had been windy earlier, which was probably why Junior was on the ground. Doves are not the smartest of bird species and make their flimsy nests just about anywhere.

Now let me tell you, I’m not fond of birds. Don’t like them, and when they get too near, I freak out. I had a really bad experience when I was about 4. Anyway, I digress. This poor little thing is cowering on the ground, barely able to move. So what do I do? I go back inside and grab a box.
It has to be the mothering instinct in me. No matter what species, (okay no spiders, scorpions, or other creepy crawlies) I will rescue them. So I scoop Junior up and take him to the local bird lady, who will raise him until he can fly.

So what would you do in a similar situation? In my newest release, Home Sweet Home, Abby Bancroft takes in a stray cat. Okay cats and wild birds are two separate things, but I think the decision to help another one of God’s creatures in real life and in fiction is universal.


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  2. I shouldn't be answering as I'm still waiting for your novel to arrive ;)... kidding.

    I think that motherly instinct is so natural that it surges despiteless the species that cross our way.

    My daughter also freaks with birds. It's amazing because she never had any reason to but she can't even eat eggs because... they come from chickens LOL

    And I love them; best thing on the end of the afternoon is watching birds in the garden picking seeds and bugs... and their good mornings the sweetest greeting from Nature.

    I never found a tiny bird like yours but sometimes I have to rescue injured ones from my sociopat dogs.

    Eagerly waiting for your book.


  3. I haven't found one like you had not sure what I would do ring someone maybe. Im not that fond of them close up but a distance is ok. I have rescued a few from the cat we use to have who would play with them but never kill them and liked to put them in our toilet. (the room). Have rescued a few that got trapped inside also.

  4. I brought a baby robin home to my mom when i was a kid. She raised it and even taught it to fly. Called it Billie Boy. Fond memory.

  5. I would probably do the same thing, Kim. I also remember an amazing video where a little boy fell in an animal habitat at a zoo. A mother animal (gorilla I think) picked him up and protected him. Very touching to see that.

  6. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I've been without internet connection where I'm staying and only have it at work right now.

    Thanks Thersa. I hope you enjoy my book as much as I enjoyed writing it. Your daughter and I should get together and commiserate some time. :) As I write this, I hear lots of birds outside my window chirping away.

    Hi Jenny. We find lots of them. I rescued at least 5 last year. When I had my cat-um-well, lets just say there was nothing to rescue! Sigh.

    Good for you, Lyn. Glad I could bring up a fond memory for you.

    Missy, I remember that story and am struck by how that gorilla reacted. It does go to show that not just humans have a mothering instinct. There was also a lioness somewhere that raised pigs dressed in lion outfits. The pictures were so cute.