Thursday, May 2, 2013

Does Weather Up Suspense?

Debby Giusti here!

It's overcast in Georgia, which means it's a perfect day to write suspense. This spring has been a mix of sunny skies and stormy days with dropping temps. For me, the latter lends itself to writing suspense.

I like my stories to take place in chilly weather, either fall or winter. A soaking rain, a gusty blast of wind, hail or snow or sleet...all that inclement weather ups the suspense and makes the characters work harder to achieve their happily ever after. I save the sunshine and flowers for the epilogue when everything has been resolved and the hero and heroine declare their love.

What's your favorite weather for a suspense story?

Wishing you abundant blessings,
Debby Giusti

By Debby Giusti

Trusting the Wrong Person Can Be Deadly...

Lillie Beaumont's dark past has just turned up on her porch--fatally wounded. The dying words of the man imprisoned for killing Lillie's mother suggest hidden secrets. Criminal Investigations Division special agent Dawson Timmons agrees. He has his own motive for seeking the truth, and it gives Lillie every reason to doubt him. But even as they reluctantly begin to face painful secrets together, Dawson fears that a murderer is waiting to strike again. And this time, Lillie is right in the line of fire...


Christine Johnson said...

Hi Debby. I agree with you. There's nothing like a good storm to add to the danger and difficulty the heroine and hero face. And weather does inspire a mood - both for the story and for the writer!

pol said...

Hello to one of my fav authors and she is from Ga too....Debby of course gloomy weather is great for a suspense movie or book. this week has been gloomy, put my flag out for prayer day and hope no rain comes...hubby is retired military and he says it comes down if it rains.
love your suspense reads...
Paula O(

Debby Giusti said...

Weather plays an important role in my stories. Often I weigh which season would be best suited for which story.

Aren't there so many seemingly little things we need to consider when writing a book! :)

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Paula,
It's always a joy to see your comments. Thanks for your kind words about my stories.

It looks like rain in my part of Georgia, but none so far.

God bless your military hubby and his regard for our wonderful flag. Too often folks don't give it the honor it deserves. My hat's off to all those who have sacrificed so our flag can continue to wave.

God bless the USA!

Pamela Tracy said...

I have a big window which looks out at the neighbors' tree. When it's dark and the wind is blowing, I get the best ideas.

Debby Giusti said...

I can see that tree in my mind's eye, Pamela!

I'm getting chills!

Jean C. Gordon said...

I don't usually read suspense, but I found the weather factor very interesting.

Dana Mentink said...

I just finished book two in a natural disaster series so I've got storms, floods (and earthquakes) o the brain.

CatMom said...

Hey Debby! I also agree with you--stormy or dreary weather definitely adds to the suspense factor of a story. ~ Congrats on all the awesome suspense stories YOU have written, and I'm looking forward to reading many more of your books.
Hugs, Patti Jo

Vince said...

Hi Debby:

How did I miss this post?

I like weather to play a part in all novels. Elizabeth Lowell does a great job of this. What is going on in the environment is often going on in the characters' lives. Myra Johnson did this to perfection in “Autumn Rains”. You did it to foreshadow and then compliment the climax in your first and fourth Military novels.

As to what I like best: when the environment is in extreme. Ice storms, floods, hot spells, fog, doldrums, and even extremely perfect as on a Greek Island.