Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's Rita and Golden Heart Announcement Time!

Christine Johnson here today all abuzz with excitement because this is one of my favorite days of the year. Yes, today Romance Writers of America announces the finalists for the 2014 Rita® and Golden Heart® award finalists.

The Rita Award is the Oscar of romance for published authors, and I'm rooting for every one of the Craftie authors and every Love Inspired author. I hope to see many familiar names announced. The Golden Heart is for aspiring romance writers. As a former Golden Heart finalist, I can testify that receiving that call is momentous. Can you say tears, squeals and hysteria? The neighbors probably thought I was dying.

The finalists will be posted today on the Romance Writers of America website.

Did you receive a call? Did a friend or favorite author? Do you have a great "call" story from a previous year? I want to hear about it. Don't hold back, now. Let's hear every detail.

Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson
Groom by Design (LIH, July 2014)
Suitor by Design (LIH, October 2014)


Dana Mentink said...

That is exciting! I was a judge this year and it was great fun to read eight entries. Such variety and some really excellent writing! Congrats to the finalists!

Pamela Tracy said...

I got to judge, too, as I didn't have an inspirational out last year. Dana, I had eight also. Nine, really, but I had to send one back.

Good luck everyone!

Christine Johnson said...

I judged eight entries also! Coincidence? It's the most I've ever had, but it was fun.

Debby Giusti said...

I enjoyed judging. Last year, I judged one of the RITA winners. Such a good read!

Just saw the GH list. Two writers in the inspirational category are Georgia Romance Writers! YAY! Congrats to Piper and Kristi!

Keli Gwyn said...

I remember getting that call back in 2008. I was such a newbie that I didn't even realize it was the day the calls went out. When I learned I'd finaled, I was stunned. I'm sure Terri Reed, who made my call that year, wondered about the tongue-tied woman on the other end who finally managed to get out some muddled words.

One of the many blessings of that final is meeting you, Christine.

Christine Johnson said...

Congratulations to Piper and all the Golden Heart finalists in Inspirational Romance!

Christine Johnson said...

Likewise, Keli! Finaling in the Golden Heart is a whirlwind of emotions. Being tongue-tied must happen to a lot of people.

Since we're sharing Golden Heart call stories...
I didn't get a call, since I was away from home at the time. I thought they would call my cell phone, which was the number I'd put on the entry form. Nothing. I figured that yet again my work had fallen short. Then the wonderful category coordinator attempted to reach me by email. Those tears went to shrieks of joy very quickly. When one of my dear critique partners took the time to check the list on the RWA website, she noticed that two of my entries had finaled. Now why didn't I think to look there? (smacks forehead)

Keli Gwyn said...

Wow, Christine, that wait to find out you were a double Golden Heart finalist must have been so hard. On the upside, going from disappointment to elation in the time it took to read that life-altering email must have been quite the thrill.

Jean C. Gordon said...

One of the members of our small RWA chapter (Capital Region Romance Writers) Jeanette Grey is a finalist in the novella category. We are all so excited for her.