Monday, March 17, 2014

Surrounded by Books!

Pamela Tracy here, and I think the first inkling my family had that their child was a true bookworm was second grade.  Mom would take me to the public library and I'd check out the 8 books I was allowed.  Then, she'd check out the next out 8 more books for me on her card.  That night, as I was reading book number 2 (I mean, how long does it take to read a Betsy book), she'd caution me (while giving my dad a confused look) not to read them all in one night.

Neither of my parents read for pleasure.

This past weekend, I was at the Tucson Festival of Books.  TFOB.  I meant to get more pictures, but I was so busy I didn't even sit down for lunch.

Not true.  My birth mother and sister came for the event.  Here we are are a restaurant.  It was nine at night, though.

We all started at the festival Saturday morning.  The second workshop we went to was my favorite.  It was by Lily Koppel who wrote The Astronaunts' Wives Club, which was one of my favorite 2013 readers.

I gave a workshop with Judy Duarte (Harlequin American) and our own Merrillee  Whren at 1:00.  We had great fun!  Then, my birth mom, sister, and I were off to more workshops or not.  This festival is huge.  Three workshops we'd picked out had no room for us.  Door closed: sign says full.  I wanted to hear Larry McMurtney and Sandra Day-O'conner.  I wanted to hear Lois Lowry.  I did get to hear Sharon Sala, Cathy Maxwell, and Nancy Holder.

We got home late last night, but before I fell into bed, my son said, "Mom, did you get me anything?"

Can you guess what I got him?



  1. Hi Pamela. The festival looks wonderful. What bliss to be surrounded by books. In my librarian life, there's nothing more wonderful than the smell and feel of a new book. The cover offers promise of a splendid journey. Like you, I checked out stacks of books at the library, but my parents are both readers. What or who got you interested in reading?

  2. What a fabulous sounding event. Were the workshops in tents? It looks like it from the one photo. I love bringing books home from events for my kids, too. :D

  3. Pamela, I lived in Tucson for 6 years recently! One of my kids still lives there. I remember the Festival of Books well. Thanks for reminding me about it! Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  4. You gals in the Southwest seem to have so many wonderful events to attend!

    I'm green with envy! LOL! Also green because of St Patrick's Day!

    As a child, I lived at the library...well almost. Loved, loved, loved to roam the fiction stacks. :)

  5. Christine,
    Good question. I think I was a reader because as an only child, I wanted the adventure of a big family. Plus, Nebraska was winter for so many months and we were poor. My only child is in baseball, swim team, cub scouts, etc. I wasn't. Reading filled up so many hours (3 channels on the telly and no video games except Pong)

  6. Sandra,
    Some were in tents but since we were at the university, most were in classroom. Alice Hoffman gave a wonderful talk. I'm going to buy her latest book based on her talk.

  7. Valri,
    Cool. I've been a guest speaker at all six festivals. I'll bet we passed in the crowd.

  8. Debby,
    We do have a lot of events. Ack, I sent my nine-year-old to school and he wasn't wearing green today. I'll hear about it tonight

  9. Wish I could have been there. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  10. Thanks for sharing this, Pamela--it does sound like fun!
    I agree with Debby--it seems that the Southwest seems to offer more events like that. Maybe our South will offer more in the future, Debby!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!
    Blessings, Patti Jo


  11. Missy and Carolyn,
    You would have loved it.

  12. Catmom,
    I don't know. Debby sure posts some awesome pictures.


  13. Oh is that a betsy story with about 200 pages??? or a different one.

    I loved reading but was a slow reader. I was also probably below my age level for reading. Ok that doesn't sound right. My reading age was lower. While many 12 year olds would read Anne of Green Gables it was to old for me. my parents were readers also. I honestly dont remember them reading to me but I know they did.

  14. It's Carolyn Harwood. Betsy's little sister was Star. They were those old blue hardbacks. I loved them.