Saturday, December 19, 2015

I Wrote a Book or 30!

This is what Pamela Tracy looks like today
This is what I looked like in 1999 

This is my 30th book!

This was my first book
In looking at the pictures, the only thing that hasn't changed are my Spock eyebrows.

In looking at the books, a lot has changed.

It Only Takes a Spark was written on a computer that didn't have the world wide web
When I printed it, it was on dot matrix paper.
I got the idea because I accidentally turned in my personal journal to the library.
 It was a bookclub book (mailing list), not in stores.
It lead me to the girls of Barbour, years of friendship, and a learning curve I've still not mastered.

Second Chance Christmas was written on a Mac where I could do research in a matter of seconds.  I now know more than I dreamed possible about the Lost Dutchman Mine.
I never printed it.  I emailed it right to my editor.
I got the idea because of a chance remark a kindergarten mother said to me more than 20 years ago.  She was a social worker.  She told me about going to a home and laying down on the floor in order to get the head of the family to actually look her in the eye.  The idea amazed me.
It's in book club, but also in brick and mortar stores as well as ebook.
My world is one of writers.

Critique Group Christmas 2015

I'm the chubby one you see first. Next to me is my best friend Cathy McDavid (Harlequin American).  Across from her is Marina Myles (Kensington) and across from me is Connie Flynn (multi-published).

They read most of Second Chance Christmas. 
They could tell you that the heroine has a  hard time forgiving herself.
They could tell you that the hero doesn't give up on anyone.
They could tell you that life wasn't always fair to Elise and Cooper.
They could tell you that small towns, in my book, are characters too.
They could tell you that risk, redemption, and romance are my mottos.
They could tell you, but they won't, because they want you to read the book for yourself.  Go ahead.  It has a happily ever after, too.
What a surprise.  


  1. Sounds good....your book has all the elements I love in a story!! Small towns, hero's and heroines that need redemption/forgiveness in some way, and most of all romance :-) I also enjoyed the pictures you've shared, your writing journey and the ladies you've made friends with along the way. Wonderful post, Pamela, thanks for sharing1 Wishing you and yours a blessed Merry Christmas & may the love of Christ shine in your hearts :-)

  2. Love the red barn on the book cover! Have a Merry Christmas and a year full of wonder and words.

  3. Trixi,
    Thanks for stopping by! Merry Christmas


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