Friday, April 6, 2018

It's Still Possible!

Howdy, Pamela Tracy here...

I'm often talking with a group of people - friends, acquaintances, strangers passing the time away (I'm not shy, I talk to everyone) - and the conversation turns to television and what we watch.

I really don't get to watch television.  In the morning when I write, I turn it on for noise and listen to Matlock or Diagnosis Murder.  I watched them years ago and I know I won't get distracted from writing by needing to know how an episode ends.

Strange, huh?  Anyone else do that?

The last weekly show I watched was The Gilmore Girls.  Gasp, I know.  And even then, I watched it on DVD's because I'd missed it on true time.

I purchased the first season of Downtown Abby over three years ago.  Haven't watched episode one yet.

Then, two months ago, my family and I rented a cabin in Christopher Creek, AZ, and one evening we watched the tiny television that was sitting on top of the fridge (this cabin was premiere in saving space).  There were maybe ten channel (wow!) and finally we settled on a show we'd never seen before.  The only reason this show won was because it featured a sixth grade boy and my son Mike is in seventh.

It was The Goldbergs.

Since that weekend, we've watched - as a family - an episode each night.

Here's what makes me happiest about the show.  In a time when so much on television celebrates violence or  sexual 'tropes' that I don't wish my 13 year old to see over and over and over and over an over... here is a show that celebrates creativity in children as well as the love of two very different parents.

Yikes!  And, surprise, surprise, it's a success.

I think this might be why Love Inspired is such a success.  It celebrates coming together (and wow, think of how different the coming together is in LI, LIS, and LIH).  It celebrates family, community, and faith.  Yup, it celebrates the creativity in God as well as the love that blossoms between two very different H and H's.

Yikes!  And, surprise, surprise, the happily-ever-after is a success.

So, what show is your favorite and why!
I wish I could say I'm reading an LI right now, but I'm not.  I'm reading Fannie Flagg's Can't Wait to Get to Heaven.  Then, yup, there's an LI on my bedstand.


  1. My hubby and I watch The Middle. I'm sad because it's going off the air.

    1. I've heard the Middle is good :) When we get time, I'll probably check it out. The good thing about coming on late, is you can Tvoo it and then watch it when you want.

  2. My family is slowing watching Merlin. We are on Season 5. I'm sad because I know it will soon be done. I am in the middle of another deadline crunch, so I'm not reading anything.

  3. We love The Goldbergs and the Middle.

  4. Pam you and I must be related somewhere along the line. LOL I do the same thing when I work in the morning. Matlock and Diagnosis Murder is my background working noise. I've recently added Murder She Wrote another nice quiet non intrusive. My current favorite shows are Father Brown and Murdock Mysteries. Fun stuff :)

  5. I have a radio station playing in the background when I write.

  6. I watch a lot of television as background noise. Soap operas--I know, I know. But I love them because I used to watch them with my mama. I think I learned how to dress and make a grand entrance from soap operas and Loretta Young. And Lucy, of course. The Goldbergs is a funny show. We love The Middle, too.


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