Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello, it's Lenora. Fall is finally here. The leaves are falling in my yard and the morning's are crisp and cool. I love spring and summer, but there is something magical about fall. Pumpkins and hay bales and turkeys roasting in the oven or being fried in a big pot. Stuffing, or dressing, as we call it in the south. Thanksgiving.
This is what fall means to me. One of the best things about fall is watching my Thanksgiving cactus bud and bloom. My mother gave me the first clipping for this plant when I got married almost 35 years ago. It has traveled with me each time we've moved. It took a while for my tiny clipping to produce blooms but when it did, I was delighted. My mother died when I was in my twenties, so each time my cactus blooms I think of her. Sometimes, it waits until Christmas to bloom. And a few times it decided to hold out until Easter. But I can always count on it to make me smile and feel better. My cactus loves filtered light and big windows. And the funny thing, each house we've lived in has had big windows in the living room so the plant had thrived in each of our homes. This plants also reminds me that no matter where I live, God is always there with me, shining through in the sun and in the changing seasons. My pretty cactus offers up a bit of God's beauty to enjoy, a bit of surprise and awe to teach me about life, and a bit of hope that each new season will bring new blessings. And each bloom reminds me of my mother's love for her children. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I appreciate our many readers and I appreciate being able to write the kind of love stories that also surprise and bless me.


  1. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing Lenore. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.


  2. What a sweet post, Lenora. I also have a cactus plant just like yours, but it blooms at Christmas! It was a gift from some friends when my precious Mother passed away 4 years ago, so it's very special. So far, the plant has been "happy" near a big window in my living room, so hopefully I'll see blooms again this year. Happy Thanksgiving, Patti Jo :)

  3. Lovely thoughts! I see these cactus and think of my Mom too.

  4. That plant is beautiful. I never had any success with a Christmas cactus.


  5. I've never heard of a Thanksgiving cactus, Lenora. Just a Christmas Cactus. I wonder if they're the same and we've just learned different names?? Or maybe if your blooms at Christmas one year, it's then officially a Christmas cactus. :)

    Very sweet post. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks everyone for the posts. Yes, it's called a Christmas Cactus, too, Missy. But mine has a mind of its own I think. It's so pretty right now. I hope it blooms through Christmas. I just had a houseful of women from church and they were all admiring it!

    Lenora :)

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  8. I killed the only Christmas cactus I ever had. My other plants survive, despite my neglect.