Monday, July 5, 2010

Gloria Stuart Turned 100 Yesterday

Pamela Tracy here, and I have the weirdest memory. Really, I do. For example, Saturday night I went to a BBQ, and I sat down at a table (husband didn't go; son headed right for the pool) and promptly a man introduced himself. I said, "Eric, I've known you more than 20 years." Eric, of course, looked confused. There's no reason Eric should know me. See, I hung around with his little brother. So, last time I saw Eric was 12 years ago at a JB's restaurant. We're talking a 30 second encounter. Before that, it would have been another decade at the church I was attending and I really don't remember ever exchanging any words. But, I remember him. Know him when I see him. Etc. That's my weird memory. BTW, the word weird is one of 16 that fulfill the i before e except after c rule. And, did you know that there's one word were ie does follows a c? What is it?

Enough about that, the title today is Gloria Stuart Turned 100 Yesterday. So, here's my trivia. Gloria Stuart played the elderly woman on James Camersons' Titanic. She played a 100 year old who survived the sinking. I love, love, loved much about that movie. How cool that in real life, that actress just turned 100. Think of all she's lived through. Flapper. Depression. When she was born, William McKinley was president.

Right now, my favorite kind of book is framework historical. That's what Titanic was. History written in a faction (blend of fiction and fact) manner through the eyes of someone (usually fictional) who lived the time. Water for Elephants enthralled me. I can hardly wait for the movie. And, The House at Riverton was another such book.

I need to find another book to read!


  1. I just finished Vince Flynn Tansfer of Power. It was written in 1996, but I couldn't put it down. Not a romance, not inspirational, but a riveting story that grabbed me from the first word.

  2. Leann,
    Is it framework historical? Hmmm, I just went to Amazon and it's not, but it sure sounds good.

  3. Sherri,
    I am sooooo impressed. And, ack, science wasn't the one I was thinking of. I didn't remember science. I was thinking society. Cool. You made my day by giving another one.

  4. Leann,
    I checked it out on Amazon. Lots of good reviews. Hmmm, might have to investigate.

  5. Sherri,
    You got me! I was actually thinking society, but science is a winner too. You made my day. I love the unexpected.

  6. I loved Titanic too!! Titanic was all the rage in my class. My girlfriends were all seeing it in 5th, 6th, 7th(?) grade while my mom made me wait. I'm really glad that she did because I think it meant more and I understood it more by waiting.


  7. Wow. Gloria Stuart turned 100. She was really good in Titanic. Love that movie!

  8. Pam, Transfer of Power is a modern political thriller, but it was one of those stories that kept me up reading way into the night.

    I did love Titanic. The music from the movie is great to write to.

  9. Hannah,
    You must have a great mom.

  10. Lisa,
    Someday we'll rent it and watch it together. I just know you wish you lived in the desert. Why, it's only 111 outside right now.