Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What makes a good booksigning?

Hi, this is Margaret Daley. This past weekend I went to Dallas to speak to the Dallas/Fort Worth ACFW chapter. I talk about Openings: Starting with a Bang and Tips for a Professional Career. I had a great time even when my powerpoint didn't work. Thankfully I came prepared if that happened. I meet some neat writers.

Then after that Vickie McDonough and I went to the Mardel in Hurst, TX for a booksigning. The staff and manager were great. I enjoyed meeting some customers and talking with them. But what makes this booksigning so great was the arrival of two of my readers who I have corresponded with for the past few years. It made my day. One stayed the whole time and I got to know even better a remarkable woman.


  1. Thats so cool Margaret. As a reader I would love to get to a booksigning. It would be exciting and for you to meet some readers who you have been in contact with would be awesome.
    I know next year when I get to america I am hoping to catch up with a few authors in Atlanta, on in Williamstown (I think) Washington state and maybe at least one when I have a night in Fort Worth/Dallas.

  2. Maybe I'll be able to meet you in person. It's fun putting a face to someone you have written back and forth with.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time Margaret! I love meeting readers face to face :)

  4. I will let everyone know my plans when I finally make them. looking at late April early May. (I will either fly into Dallas or fly out of there.)

  5. Hearing that from a reader would have made my day too.

    Sounds like aside from the PowerPoint malfunction everything else went well.

    Good luck!