Saturday, October 8, 2016

Christmas in October

Terri Reed here, celebrating the release of TWO books this month.  Look how pretty these covers are. I've been pleased with great art departments. 

What is your favorite holiday cookie? 

If you comment, I'll send you a bookmark with the lovely cover of A Family Under the Christmas Tree. Leave an email address for me to contact you.


CatMom said...

Congratulations on having 2 books release, Terri! :)
I love lots of Christmas cookies, but my very favorite are "Thumbprint Cookies" - - I bake them every December and they're always a family favorite. The dough is an almond-flavored spritz recipe, and then I put red/green icing in the "thumbprint" center of each cookie - - YUM!! I could eat some right now, LOL. ;)
Blessings, Patti Jo

Terri Reed said...

Patti Jo those sound delicious. My favorite cookies are short beard. I usually only indulge during the holidays. I'll email you. Thank you.

Mary Alford said...

Terri, what an honor. Congrats on both books.

Terri Reed said...

Patti Jo, the bookmark is on its way to you!