Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Refreshing Day by Missy Tippens

Missy here. Since we’re talking about spring and renewal this month, I had the idea of sharing the beautiful photo at the left (from a redbud tree at our church) and telling how, after years of drought, we’ve had a fairly wet spring, etc., etc.

But then yesterday we had the most wonderful day—a renewing, refreshing day for me. And I wanted to share it with all of you.

My son plays on the middle school tennis team. They had their last match last week, but for fun, the coach arranged to have an 8th grade student and teacher doubles tournament . Each 8th grader was matched with a teacher and played doubles against another teacher/student team.
First off, it was an absolutely perfect spring day. Sunny and about 65 degrees. But what was so refreshing to me was how supportive the teachers were to show up after school hours to take part in the event. They cheered for the kids, teased with them, and had good competitive fun.

You know, I’ve been really impressed with the middle school teachers. They show up for a good many events above and beyond the call of duty. And they do it out of caring for the kids—at an age where the kids aren’t always so easy to love! That’s what was so refreshing to me yesterday. We so often hear the negative stories about school and teachers. So I’m happy to share a bit of the positive.

And as an addendum, today a bunch of those same teachers were out helping with a county-wide track meet!

I hope you’ll share a story of renewal or of something that has refreshed you recently.


PamelaTracy said...

Write a note to the principal letting him know how impressed you are. Parents who are angry never hesitate to complain to the principal; parents who are happy tell the teacher. Consequently, the principal hears 90% bad. I think middle school is the toughest, too.

Missy Tippens said...

What a great idea, Pamela! See, you're right. Only the complainers think to contact them! :)


Jill Kemerer said...

What an inspiring post! My children, too, have been blessed with amazing teachers. These men and women have dedicated their lives to shaping our youth.

Sometimes the smallest gesture will stay with a kid for years. Let's hear it for teachers!

Missy Tippens said...

You're right, Jill!

And I did email the principal to brag on her teachers. :)

EllenToo said...

Missy -- I hope you also let the teachers know how much you appreciate them and how impressed you were. Especially the teacher who partnered your son. I can remember the times I got a note from a parent saying something nice, it means a lot.

Missy Tippens said...

Ellen, the principal just emailed me back, and I noticed that she forwarded my message to all the teachers in the school. So they'll also get their thanks! :)

You may have mentioned this before, but what age did you teach?

PamelaTracy said...

I have a scrapbook from the first seven years I taught elementary. I kept all the nice notes (lots). I threw away the complaints (a few). And, Unfortunately, wouldn't you know it, I remember the complaints even after I threw them away.

Merrillee said...

I taught elementary kids for about 10 years. I so admire teachers. They have a tough job.

Margaret Daley said...

The photo is beautiful. I'm glad you are having some rain. It's raining right now here.