Tuesday, April 17, 2012


HI, Terri Reed here with a question for you dear reader.

What is it about suspense novels that keeps you reaching for them?

For me, its the fast paced action and the edge of your seat anticipation of what will happen next.


  1. Terry, it is the action and suspense.You can't catch your breath.

  2. Yeah, I like the action, too...and can't wait to read to the end!
    And I love LI 'cause they are not too long!!

  3. I love how the suspense drives the characters to face their feelings sooner (romantic feelings, of course, lol)

  4. The more mysterious the suspense thread, the better I like it. I like to try to figure who and what and why--and how the characters are going to get out of the mess they're in.

  5. not the person to ask. I do like the LIS books but not heavy suspense.
    I like the not knowing whats happening. I tend to like the mystery more than suspense.

  6. I love the fast pace and the danger that threatens the hero and heroine. Suspense is my favorite genre. Well, duh! No wonder I write LIS! :)

  7. Leann, I love when I can't catch my breath while reading a good suspense.

    Jackie S. I the length of the LIS's are good because there's no time for any wordiness or meandering that takes away from the plot or the characters.

    Jessica, I agree the suspense does force the characters to face their romantic feelings. I love when they fight it but then take the risk.

    Olufisayo, we get to live vicariously through our characters and face dangers I hope none of us would ever have to face in reality.

    Linda, the mystery part of suspense is one of the funnest parts.

    Ausjenny, the books that keep you guessing are the fun ones.

    Debby, you and me both. That's why I write LIS's too!

  8. LOL! You know... I ask myself that VERY SAME QUESTION every time I find myself reading one of the suspense books after everyone is sleeping but me and it's dark outside... ;) But seriously... I've always loved mystery stuff (read Nancy Drew :D) and then Dee Henderson got me hooked on the suspense type stuff. Then I found the LIS and I can't wait for the next to Fitzgerald Bay books!! I didn't realize you're next in line! I start haunting Walmart the beginning of every month these days. LOL!


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