Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Hundred Years From Now

When thinking of what to write today, I realized that the setting of my book, Love On The Range, is almost one hundred years ago. My mouth kind of gaped at that because 1918 doesn't seem so long ago to me.
I still see people come through my bank, unassisted, who were born in the '20s.
But times have changed a lot and it is indeed almost one hundred years later. According to this government site, the influenza of 1918 forever changed history.

What do you think people will say about 2012 one hundred years from now? What changes do you see on the horizon?


  1. Well, I think 2012 will be remembered for the end that wasn't re. the Mayan calendar. :) Then again...

  2. Sandra, we can hope.

    We focus so much on the negative but the past few years have seen the advancement in so many medical treatments.

    I always hope this will be the year we discover a cure for cancer. Who knows what one hundred years will bring?

    Peace, Julie

  3. One thing I know is that technology would have advanced. It will be a year to be remembered as 'relevant'. (grin)

  4. It is hard to believe that 1918 was almost a hundred years ago. Yikes, most of us were born in the last century! :-)

    I think one hundred years from now people will look on 2012 as part of a time where people bounced back, almost like the Great Depression. Transitions seem to be cyclical in our human history, and I think we're on the brink of change. I prefer to think positive, not doom and gloom end of the world Mayan calendar, lol.

  5. Like Julie, I hope there will be a cure for cancer....and Alzheimers. And wonder will all books be in E print??!! lol

  6. Wow. Thought provoking. Kind of boggles the mind what has transpired in the last century with air travel, going to the moon, computers, cell phones etc. Can't even imagine what the world will be like. Thanks for posting.

  7. I'm drawn to information and stories about the Spanish flu pandemic. Such a terrible disease that killed so many.

    I often wonder which illnesses that we worry about today will be of little concern in the future. Like cancer, as others have mentioned. ALZ. Perhaps ALS or MS.

    I hope this year will be remembered as a time when people realized the importance of virtue and character and put God first in their lives.

  8. If the last 100 years are any indication, the advancements ahead will boggle our 2012 minds. In 1918, most people had never seen an airplane. Flying one was still for the daredevils. And automobiles? Open-air, uncomfortable, and prone to breaking down.

    Hopefully, like several have mentioned, common diseases of today will be cured. I wouldn't mind painless dentistry, either! When I consider the distant future, the Star Trek movie (was it number IV?) comes to mind. That's the one when Bones sees current day medical treatment and calls it barbaric. Considering in 1918 they didn't have penicillin or know that influenza was a virus, perhaps it's possible...

  9. Hahaa, Sandra, can't wait to see if yo're right!

    Julie, I look forward to that. There are so many things right on the bring.

    Olufisayo, I think you're right. The i explosion blows me away, plus I've been hearing a lot about nano technology.

  10. Me too, Brandi!

    Jackie S. You know, Linda Howard wrote a futuristic romance and in it, paper was worth BILLIONS. I wouldn't be surprised if everything goes E too.

    Kim, great point. I didn't even think about everything that has changed from 1901 to 2001.

  11. Debbby I could see MS being eradicated. And Alzheimers has been linked to environmental things so once they learn what causes it will probably change alot.

    Christine, wow, great points! So much to think about and just be in wonder over.

  12. interesting question. I was trying to think what a historical book set in 2012 would be like.

    Debby I would hope something like ALS (that is motor neurons right)is a thing of the past it affects more and more people and its a cruel illness. Hopefully, there will be help for dementia suffers. I also hope they dont say why didn't the people of the early 2000's stop gentically modifying foods because that is what is causing alot of the health issues of 2112.

  13. you know one think I hope happens is racial tensions will end. That there wont be the prejudice against people because of race, colour or creed.
    That by then people will be more tolerant.

  14. What interesting comments. I'd like to see world peace. And tolerance, love and hope. Maybe technology will bring us together even more. I would not know any of you without the help of technology. And I do appreciate that.

  15. My mother was born in 1918. She would be 93 if she were alive now. Will we see the things of Star Trek? Will people live longer?

  16. So interesting to try looking into the future! Will we even be living on this planet? Maybe some of us will be on another one, who knows :)

    For you Jessica, 2012 will be the year your first book came out! :) A historic moment for sure! :)

  17. Eva you are so right and its quite possible the earth will have passed away by then too.

  18. LOL Eva, you too!

    Me too Jenny. Unfortunately people are always the same. I think there will always be things that people use to divide others. :-( But you never know.

    Merrille, wow! The things she saw...

    Oh yes, Lenora, I totally agree!


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