Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hurry Up and Slow Down

Hi Ladies, I'm moving. I just got internet today and I'm a little crazy with how disorganized and cluttered my house is-- and will be for a while.. Here is a little something that I hope brightens your day. :)
Throughout my thirty years of driving experience, I’ve come to know that blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror are usually never a good sign. But I saw them. Recently. On Saturday, July 14th, I was on my way to Concord, NC for a booksigning going through the small town speed trap known as Cowpens, SC. Now you have to understand how my month had gone up to this point. On July 3rd, after 2 and a half years of “sell this house in your time, Lord” we got a contract on our house—with a closing date of Aug 2nd. While still in a stupor over the fact that our house had sold, I was now saying, “Lord, I gotta buy a house before Aug 2nd. But which one?”

Fortunately, we had also been looking at houses for the past two and a half years, so we knew where we wanted to move. We’d also been pre-approved and all that jazz. On July 6th, we put an offer in on a house. And guess what the listing said, “$3,000 appliance bonus if buyer can take possession by July 31st.” The house was perfect. You know why? Because it was empty. No waiting on the people to move out so we could move in before Aug 2. And yes, I really like the house.

So after we put in our offer, the craziness really kicked in. Packing, inspections, financing, underwriters, more inspections, appraisals, the house has termites, oh no, the people who are buying your house may not actually be able to afford it. Oh, wait, yes they can…crazy, right? I mean I have been running around, rushing here, rushing there, buying furniture, filling out paperwork to enroll kids in school. You can probably imagine.

And now I have this booksigning.
July 14th arrives, I hop in the car and head off to Concord for the booksigning. I’m in a hurry. I’m always in a hurry these days. Hence, the blue lights in the rearview mirror. I pull over. He pulls over and approaches the vehicle.
“Where are you going ma’am?”            
“To a booksigning in Concord.  I was speeding wasn’t I?”
Officer Burnett nods “55 in a 35.”
I duck my head in shame. “I’m so sorry.”
“Ma’am, that’s 4 points and $433.”
I shrink into my seat. “Oh please have mercy.”
“Well, since you seem to be such a nice person, I’ll knock it to 2 points and $100.”
“Oh THANK YOU!” He hands me the ticket.
I say, “You realize I’m going to blog about this.”
“So, you’re a writer?”
“Um…yeah. Hey, you want a book?”
“What do write?”
I grin. “About law enforcement.”
I wish you could have seen the look on his face. I give him the book and we wave our goodbyes.
But before I pulled out of that gas station parking lot, I thought about something.
I’m racing through life too fast. Sometimes when you’re in the biggest hurry is when you need to slow down. I completely missed that 30MPH speed limit sign. What if a child had been playing along that street or someone decided to cross the road? Disaster could have happened. Thankfully that didn’t happen. Thankfully, I had a little wake up call. But when we’re hurry through life so fast, we often don’t see the signs God has for us along our journey in life. And we miss the stops he has planned for us. Sometimes God just has to slow us down for our own good and maybe to even keep us safe—and those around us safe. Sometimes, he has to slow us down long enough to show us what HIS plan is and let us know it might take a little longer to get to the final destination than WE planned on. Sometimes he slows us down through illness or an unexpected financial issue or just whatever is going to get our attention off of ourselves and back on him.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you, not to harm you.” I want to encourage you today that if you’re hurrying through life and are missing the stops God has along the way for you, that you’ll slow it down and pay attention and let God keep your speed at just the right limit.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Pixie Dust and RWA

Terri Reed here.  I've spent the last week in Anaheim at the Romance Writers of America national conference.  Unfortunately I came down with the RWA conference crud.  But that didn't stop me from enjoying the conference and Disneyland!  

I arrived on Tuesday and headed straight to the parks with some good friends.  

We had a Pixie Dust expereince the whole time. No traffic to and from airport, short lines, free ride passes, best spots to watch all the Disney magic at the fireworks and World of Color light show.  If you have a moment follow the links to Jenna and Melissa who blogged everyday of our week.

The conference started off with the RWA Literacy signing.  I signed my latest release.  RWA raised a staggering amount of money this year for Pro-Literacy.  

Workshops for the conference were fabulous.   One of my favorite speakers was Story Master Michael Hauge.   I learned so much and can't wait to get back to writing.

Here's Renee Ryan, Pam Tracy and I at the Harlequin Party.  

Me and the amazing Lenora Worth

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lyn Cote Asks--How Many Books Have You Read This Year?

(Note: Elnora is racing to beat a deadline and packing all HER SHOES to go to RWA in Anaheim. This post is by homebody Lyn Cote!)

Authors spend months writing a book, their baby, and sending it out into the world to be read by strangers.

 A cook gets to see people eat their food. An auto worker gets to see people driving cars he helped make.

Authors do not get to watch people reading their books.

It's an odd business. Weird even.

So since you're visiting this blog, I figure you must like books.

1-So how many did you read so far in 2012?

2-Did you recommend one to another reader? If so, which one(s)? Why?

3-Did you write a brief review on GoodReads or Amazon or Barnes & Noble? If so, can you give us the link?

Authors really like hearing from readers which is one reason I LOVE BLOGS like this one and GoodReads where readers and authors connect. So let us know what you're reading and liking and then think about sharing that with others. If you're a member of GoodReads, you should look up the Love Inspired Historical group and join it. We have great discussions and are forming fast friendships. All fun readers are welcome!

BTW,  Love Inspired Suspense Author Sharon Dunn dropped by my blog this week and shared about her current title, ZERO VISIBILITY. Drop by and leave a comment to enter the Sunday book drawing. Here's the link  http://booksbylyncote.com/SWBS/new-book-release/suspense-autho…oman-moneywise‎

BTW, here's the cover of my upcoming baby, I mean book. :-) Their Frontier Family comes out this November!--Lyn

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rita Watch-live!

Linda Goodnight here at Romance Writers of America in Anaheim California. Energy is in the air. Writers, publishers, and editors roam the convention halls. Last night's booksigning hosted hundreds of writers and readers. I was thrilled to  connect in person with readers who made me feel like a princess!
Below are some photos from the event, including the cool RITA finalist flag I will get to take home.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

When Your Life is Upended

Lacy Williams here. Our family has been in the process of selling our house and purchasing a new house for over a month. With two small kids and three dogs, you can imagine how quickly things can get messy. Toys, food, dog hair... need I go on?

So for the last month we've been in this weird limbo... needing to keep the house perfectly clean and sometimes having to leave on short notice if there is a house showing. And wondering if we'll get an offer, if the house will pass inspection and getting things ready to move into the new house... all that on top of our "normal lives" of work, writing and raising kids.

It's been a little crazy. Can you relate? Have you had a time in your life where everything seemed "up in the air" and you were just waiting for things to resolve themselves? A time of intense stress?

I'd like to share an excerpt from my May release, THE HOMESTEADER'S SWEETHEART. In this scene, the heroine Penny Castlerock has a lot to ponder because her life is in a state of upheaval.

"Mmm. Well, money ain't everything, Penny-girl." He raised his eyes to the horizon. "Look at that sunset. You ever seen anything so beautiful?"
Penny placed one hand against her aching back. What she really wanted to do was go inside and rest awhile, but she obediently took a moment to study the pinking sky over the mountains in the distance.
"Sometimes it's the moments of beauty in yer life that are worth the most…" Walt's voice trailed off.
"You want to tell me what's really bothering you, Penny-girl? Other than your ornery brother, that is?"
"I might not be as perceptive as your Gran was, but I can tell you've got somethin' on your heart."
She stared at the sky, now turning a deep red. "My father wants me to marry a man I can't abide."
Walt grunted.
"If it was someone I could possibly see myself with, I would give things a chance, but this man…he is…" She couldn't explain the feeling Mr. Abbott inspired in her, but she shivered just thinking about the disturbing way he looked at her and the words she'd overheard before she'd left town.
"You know, I didn't think your pa was worth much when your mama first brought him home."
Penny had heard the story before, how her father had seen the most beautiful girl during a visit to Bear Creek and followed her home.
"It's more than that," Penny said, shaking her head. "There's something…unsettling about this man."
Walt was silent; Penny knew he was still thinking. Her grandfather certainly wasn't a man to speak quickly. Sort of like Jonas White.
"What should I do? I know I'm supposed to honor my father, but I won't marry Mr. Abbott."
"Penny-girl, if I know one thing, it's that your father loves you and wants the best for you. Maybe this Mr. Abbott of yours has some redeeming qualities you don't know about."
Walt turned to her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "Maybe it was God's will for you to come out here and visit me. Get away for a little bit and think things through. Remember what really matters."
She pondered his words as the sky turned purple. What really mattered…yes, finding a husband was important, but what about love?

I won't spoil the ending, but Penny finally figures things out and makes the right choices for her future. As for me and my family, God will see us through this trying time of not knowing and things being unsettled. In the meantime, I'm trying to take advantage of the small moments and enjoy my children and time with my husband--in between all of the craziness!

What about you? What do you do when you have a time of being unsettled?

Monday, July 23, 2012

California here we come!! from Lisa Mondello

Tomorrow I will be boarding a plane to head out to Anaheim California to attend the yearly Romance Writer's of America conference.  During this week, in between all the Olympic news, you'll be able to get updates on the latest happenings from the RWA camp.  If you want to follow what's happening at the RWA conference and are on Twitter, keep checking hashtag #RWA12 for updates.

I'm always excited to go to the RWA conference.  It's not only because this year the conference is across the street from Disneyland (which I love), but because I get the opportunity to reconnect with my agent, my editors and all my Love Inspired author friends who will also be attending.  It's the one time of the year where we get to kick back and catch up on everything from life to what's going on in the romance industry.

One of my favorite things each year is attending the Harlequin Party.  It's always so much fun to see the Love Inspired gang dancing on the dance floor and letting down their hair.  The other highlight is the RITA and Golden Heart ceremony.  That's on Saturday night, so if you ARE following the happenings of RWA this week, Twitter will be abuzz with news of who won awards.  We have a few Love Inspired folks who are up for the awards, so make sure you check Twitter for updates.

Okay, it's time for me to get to packing.  See you on Twitter and right here on the Craftie Ladies blog!


Lisa Mondello

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Clash of the Titles-Please Vote

On Wednesday July 25th my book, the Deputy's Duty will be up for Clash of the Titles
If you think about it, I'd love for you to stop by the Clash of the Titles site and vote.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ask Elnora--about characters? Third Friday Writing--Lenora Worth

Hello, my quirky blogging characters. It's Third Friday Writing Day and Elnora is excited. Today, I thought we'd discuss characters. I watch a lot of the programs on the USA Network and I love the network's theme--Characters Welcome! That's how I feel today--Characters Welcome. We can't write our stories without having several interesting characters. The problem we don't want--cookie cutter characters. What does that mean? It means we don't want flat, boring, one dimensional characters. Okay, so what does that mean? We don't want characters who talk like this: "Hello, Ralph. How are you?" "I am fine, thank you, George. And how are you?" We don't want characters who seem stiff and formal and unbendable--like paperdolls. We don't want dolls. We want living, breathing, flawed, confused, uptight, too loose, distraught, joyful, frustrated, radiant, smiling, crying, angry, happy, sad, mad characters.
Or ... this guy!!! But seriously, we want to write characters that grab our readers and say in that sweet, convincing voice, "Come with me on this journey. Hear my story. Listen to my woes and my joys. I promise you won't be bored." How do we create such characters? That is the question of the day. Elnora tries to let the character take the lead. I let my characters create themselves, to a certain point. Then I try to take over and fluff them a bit. I give them real issues and real problems and we figure things out as we move through their story. Some characters can be stubborn and some don't want to talk about it. We have to draw them out and make them see that they are going to change before this story is over. This process isn't always easy but with time and what I call "digging deep" you can write a real life character and you can use that character's point of view to show and tell. Now let's hear from some of the other fabulous Love Inspired Ladies. What tips do you ladies have for our bloggers? Please discuss.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Downton Abbey- a must see

Terri Reed here. I recently discovered a PBS show called Downton Abbey.  If you haven't given this period piece a try, you should!  Set in England in the early 1900's, the show depicts the country life of the Crawley family and their staff.  The story starts with the news of the Titanic sinking and the loss of someone close to the family.  From there, life for the Crawley's takes a turn as a new heir is brought into the fold.  As the years past bringing with it change such as women suffragettes, home electricity, telephones, cars,  the phonograph and World War 1, the characters develop and grow, sometimes adapting well to the new inventions and new ways of thinkings and sometimes...not so much.
The dynamics of the aristocratic family and the staff make this a fascinating show to watch.  There are villains who turn out to be heroes, heroes who act villainous, machination galore, touching moments as well as funny moments.  My favorite character is the Dowager Lady Crawley played by the incomparable Maggie Smith.  She has, by far, the best lines.   In fact, the writing is witty, smart and engaging.   The actors all are believable in their roles, which makes the show that much more enjoyable.   I've laughed, cheered, boo'd, clapped and cried through the first two seasons.  And I eagerly await season three.  Supposedly Shirley MacLaine is joining the cast.  This should be fun!
Oh, and on a personal note, my husband and I are taking out daughter to London in August to attend university.  Hubby and I plan on visiting Highclere Castle, the set for Downton Abbey, while in England.  So exciting!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Does History Repeat Itself?

I don't really know if history repeats itself, but I'm constantly surprised by how the issues today are so similar to issues in the past.

While researching my current work in progress, I came across this fascinating speech by President Harding, given after World War One had ended.

There's a lot of talk in his speech about America should stand in relation to other countries, how involved we should be, etc. Very interesting stuff.

Do you ever read past presidential speeches? What kind of research are you interested in and do you think history repeats itself?

Jessica Nelson

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

National Romance Writers of America Conference, 2012

RWA 2011

By Debby Giusti

This time next week, I’ll be on my way to Anaheim, California, to attend the National Romance Writers of America Conference.  Each year approximately 2,000 writers attend the Wednesday through Sunday event that spotlights romance and the publishing industry.

Ever wonder why published authors go to writing conferences?

Here’s my list of reasons:

1.    Attend workshops given by leading professionals in the publishing industry.
2.    Hear bestselling authors discuss their work and the techniques they use in their writing.
3.    Meet with Love Inspired editors and learn their vision for the upcoming year.
4.    Connect with my agent and work on career planning.
5.    Participate in the “Readers for Life” charity book signing that raises thousands of dollars to aid literacy. (If you’re there, be sure to say hello. I’ll be at Table 407.)
6.    Brainstorm with the Craftie Ladies of Romance about how to grow our blog.
7.    Reconnect with writing friends I haven’t seen since the last conference.
8.    Offer encouragement to those just starting on their journey to publication.
 9.    Make new friends.
 10.     Be open to what God has in store for me.

Hope to see you at the conference.

Safe travel,
Debby Giusti

Check out my Seekerville blog tomorrow. I’ll talk about Writing Conferences Across America.

Watch for THE COLONEL’S DAUGHTER, the third book in my Military Investigations series, in bookstores this August.

By Debby Giusti


A ruthless killer is targeting the families of soldiers in a U.S. Army
colonel’s brigade. Special agent Jamison Steele, of the Criminal
Investigation Division, vows to stop him—because this time,
Jamison’s heart is involved. The colonel’s daughter, the woman who loved and left Jamison without a word, came face-to-face with the murderer. Protecting Michele Logan means constant surveillance. And solving the mystery of the serial killer’s motive requires asking Michele the questions she least wants to answer. Questions that may lead them both into a deadly trap.

Monday, July 16, 2012

RWA and I'll be Blue by Leann Harris

This year I'm not going to get to go to RWA, and will spend the week blue and wondering what all my friends are doing.  The best part of going to conference is seeing old friends...the guys you only get to see once a year.  There is so much estrongen in that hotel, I'm not surprised it doesn't knock out any man who wanders into the place.  I remember the last time it was in Anaheim, the Marines were at the same hotel, having educational seminars.  What a combination.

For us lonely writers, conference is the highlight of the year.  This is the time you are nourished and can share with fellow writers the highs and lows of the last year....and you don't have to cook, clean or be responsible for anyone but yourself.  It is camp and vacation all rolled up into one.  I will go to ACFW in September and hope to see my friends at that time.  But if you are in Anaheim near the Anaheim Marriott, and don't want see the The Mouse, come by the hotel and have your favorite author sign a book.  Proceeds go to literacy.

This picture was taken a few years ago when I signed at RWA.  I won't say what year.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Crafties Signing in Anaheim

No, this is not Anaheim, that signing is not for two weeks.  This is from the signing Kim Watters and I did yesterday.  We're standing with Judy from JustJudy reviews.  She stopped by to buy our books, shake our hands, and get to know us.

If you're in the Anaheim area, please do the same.  Here is a list of the ladies signing:

Pamela Tracy Love Finds You in Sunflower, Kansas

Margaret Daley A Love Rekindled

Debby Giusti The Captain’s Mission

Pat Davids A Home for Hannah and Dark Crossings

Terri Reed The Deputy’s Duty

Sherri Shackelford Winning the Widow’s Heart

Lenora Worth Sweetheart Reunion

Linda Goodnight 

Roxanne Rustand

On a side note, Winnie Griggs will be signing at the Harlequin suite.  Definitely a place to stop by.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Booksigning We Will Go

2012 “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing

Wednesday, July 25, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom (third floor)


Proceeds from book sales go to ProLiteracy Worldwide, Read Orange County, and Literacy Volunteers—Huntington Valley.

No outside books are allowed in the event.

Tomorrow I'll post who's signing and what book!

You buy the books; we have the pens!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ask Elnora--about regrets (I have a few)--Lenora Worth

Hello, my beautiful bloggers. Elnora has been inside most of this week. We had rain all week. Lovely, beautiful, wonderful rain. Some stormy moments and some flooding, but for the most part just a lot of nice rain. My garden is smiling again. It seemed so sad. My mood was kinda of sad, too. Which brings me to the question I've pondered over and over this week. Have you ever done something you regret? Said something you wish you could take back? Acted in a way where you later thought about it and realized you shouldn't have acted like that? Or am I the only person in the world who's ever put her foot in her mouth or acted before thinking something through? Whew, did I see a few hands being raised out there? When we write, we write about reality and our characters often make big mistakes. They have flaws, they have regrets, they have a past that seems to hinder their futures. Alas, this is so true in life, too. Where else would we get our stories? Human nature has always been the same through history and we use that universal truth in our writing. Now if only Elnora could remember that in real life. So the question of the day is this--How do we get over a deep regret and get on with life? Are we like the flowers after the rain? Can we smile again after we've gone through a drought of doubt and despair and sadness and regret? I took the above picture after it had rained all day and promptly posted it on Facebook! We were driving home from dinner and the sunset was in front of us. The clouds were so beautiful with the sun's rays parting them in the middle and the fringes of a rainbow somewhere behind those clouds. I think this picture answers my question. After the rain, comes the sun. Life goes on and God sends us messages in moments of regret that shine through the darkness and doubt. We have a chance to redeem ourselves with each new day and after each fresh rain. What do you think?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

RITA WATCH: To Win Her Heart

Blacksmith Meets… Town Librarian?
Interview by Lacy Williams, on RITA WATCH

Meet TO WIN HER HEART, one of the finalists for the RITA in the Inspirational Romance category.

When were you born?
May 2011

Where were you born?
My creator is Karen Witemeyer, who lives in Abilene, Texas. I think her Texas connections helped create the setting in this book, which is very authentic. Karen is a deacon's wife and mother of three who believes the world needs more happily-ever-afters.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
Tailor-Made Bride (June 2010) – a 2011 RITA finalist for Best First Book
Head in the Clouds (October 2010)
Short-Straw Bride (June 2012)

What do you think made you a RITA finalist?
The poignant love story, of course. First you’ve got a spinster librarian who is influential in the town, and a blacksmith newly out of prison for an unintentional crime that he committed. She’s waaaaaaay out of his league, and he knows it, but neither one can help the feelings that develop between them. The hero has overcome so much, but can he really WIN HER HEART?

Plus, Karen’s unique author voice just seems to drag readers into the story and not let them go.

Tell us your story.
Levi Grant arrives in Spencer, Texas, looking for a new start. A blacksmith and a big, burly guy, he actually likes reading (and there’s a good reason for it, too!) so is drawn to the town library, where he meets and begins to fall for Eden Spencer, one beautiful gal and the town librarian. Sparks fly, but when Eden finds out about Levi’s past, will she be able to love him anyway?

Good luck to Karen with TO WIN HER HEART!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Victoria Bylin -- A Dream Comes True

Dear Readers,
Do you ever pause to look back over your life and to think, “Wow, I can’t believe everything’s that’s happened.”  Marriage. Kids. Homes. Jobs. Pets. Trips. My list is long and it gets longer every year.

This year I hit a milestone I never even imagined. I was that little girl, then a teenager, with the colored pens and the notebook, writing stories late into the night. As long as I can remember, I’ve dreamed of writing a book. It seemed like a big, lofty goal--something almost impossible, something miraculous. Definitely the stuff of dreams . . . and yet . . . dreams come true.

My 14th book came out in April 2012.  The story is called “Josie’s Wedding Dress” and it’s in the Love Inspired Historical anthology called Brides of the West.  Here’s the blurb:

Josie’s Wedding Dress by Victoria Bylin
Desperate for someone to help her save her ranch, Josie Bright makes a deal with Ty Donner. Now the man who left her waiting at the altar is making her hope for things she had long stopped wishing for.

And here’s the link to the Amazon page for the 13 books prior to this one . . .  Four of the LIHs make up the “Women of Swan’s Nest” series.  They stand alone, but here’s the official order:   The Maverick Preacher, Wyoming Lawman, The Outlaw’s Return and Marrying the Major.  

Long live westerns!  LIH offers a variety of settings, but cowboys, lawmen, outlaws and preachers are my favorites.  Have a great day!

Best wishes,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm Signing!!! RWA 2012

Hi everyone, Terri Reed here.  In just two short weeks I, along with 2000 other romance authors, will be descending on Anaheim for the Romance Writers of America national conference.
For several days I'll get to talk writing, listen to writing workshops, meet with my editors and catch up with old friends and make new friends.  I'm also carving out time to spend at the happiest place on earth, AKA, Disneyland!

One of the events of the conference that is open to the public is the annual literacy signing.
I'll be there signing my Love Inspired Suspense June 2012 release The Deputy's Duty.

I'm know there will be other Craftie Ladies there as well as many of my fellow Love Inspired authors.
If you're in the area please stop in and say HI!
Here's all the details about the event:
2012 “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing
Wednesday, July 25, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Anaheim Convention Center, Ballroom (third floor)
Proceeds from book sales go to ProLiteracy Worldwide, Read Orange County, and Literacy Volunteers—Huntington Valley. 
No outside books are allowed in the event.

Psst!  Here a sneak peak at my upcoming October release The Doctor's Defender--book 3 of The Protection Specialists: Guarding the Innocent.

Do No Harm

As a trauma surgeon, Dr. Brenda Storm saves lives every day. But someone wants her dead.  It starts with the anonymous delivery of poisoned cupcakes.  Now the hospital has hired a bodyguard to protect her 24/7.  At first, Brenda doesn’t think too-handsome Kyle Martin is the right for the job.  Then she discovers his harrowing background—and that Kyle will do anything to keep her safe.  With every attempt on her life, she’s more drawn to the strong and silent man who risks his life for hers.  But their growing feelings could put them both in harm’s way.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fun at RomCon

Fun at RomCon

Hi, this is Margaret Daley. Two weeks ago I went to Denver to a reader's convention. I had so much fun and met some wonderful authors and readers. Everyone was friendly, and they loved books and reading.

Vickie McDonough and I led an inspirational chat and hosted a Texas Bingo in honor of our books set in Texas: Saving Hope by me and End of the Trail by Vickie. We also attended and were one of the hostesses at Deeanne Gist's Titanic Tea. The food was delicious (the best conference food I've had). At the tea we were each a person on the ship--crew or passenger. At the end we learned the fate of the person's name we had. Mine made it, but there were others at my table that died.

The picture at the top of is of me and Deeanne Gist at the Titanic Tea. We dressed in clothes that would have been worn at the turn of the 20th century. The picture at the bottom is of me and three male models vying for the Legendary Hero. The one who won the contest works with children with special needs and helps with Special Olympics--something near and dear to my heart.

RomCon was a very fun convention about my favorite topic--books.

And Father Makes Three Interview

How exciting to have Elizabeth Randall the heroine from And Father Makes Three written by Kim Watters a July 2012 release from Love Inspired Romance .

1.     Elizabeth, tell me the most interesting thing about you.

Interesting? What a question. I don’t think I’m that interesting at all. I mean I always had my head in a book in school, still do at times. Did the fast-track, graduated from college at twenty, med school as few years later, and became a doctor way before any of my classmates. I’ve been working ever since. So, no. Nothing interesting about me. Now my daughter on the other hand…..

2.     What do you do for fun?

Fun? Well, I went to dinner and a movie with my friends the other night. Aside from that, Jordan and I like to ice skating in the summer time to cool off and go to the park in the winter. 

3.     What do you put off doing because you dread it?

Calling the adoption attorney to make sure Jordan’s adoption was legal. I’m afraid that there might have been some mistake and that she doesn’t really belong to me.

4.     What are you afraid of most in life?

Losing my daughter Jordan. She has leukemia and I’m trying to find a compatible bone marrow donor for her.

5.     What is the most important thing to you?

My love for God, and being able to use my hands to serve Him as a pediatric emergency room doctor. And without wanting to sound redundant, my daughter.

6.     Do you read books? If so, what is your favorite type of book?

Lately I haven’t had much time since my daughter is so sick. But when I do have some time I tend to read and medical journals, non-fiction and biographies.

7.     If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

Wow. You’re just full of great questions today. I need to learn to relax, have fun, and be a bit more spontaneous, I guess.

8.     Do you have a pet? If so, what is it and why that pet?

We don’t have a pet; we don’t really have time for one, especially since I’m living at the hospital right now while Jordan is there. I know Jordan wants a dog or a cat, but until we can get her healthy, I can’t think about much else right now.

9.     If you could travel back in time, where would you go and why?

I think I’d go back to my childhood. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to grow up. Maybe I’d actually enjoy it a bit more a make some friends my own age instead of being a total bookworm and kind of lonely.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


She's saved countless lives, yet there's one person emergency room doctor Elizabeth Randall can't rescue—her adopted daughter, Jordan. Perhaps meeting her biological father, Blake Crawford, will be the lifeline Jordan needs. The handsome, guarded firefighter takes risks every day. But facing the daughter he never knew—along with lovely Elizabeth—has him thinking about family. With fatherhood thrust suddenly upon him, there's no way he can turn his back on his sick child. Will working together to give Jordan a second chance at life also lead them to a chance at love?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Ask Elnora--About Celebrating the USA--Lenora Worth

Hello, my darling patriots. Elnora is a little late today--but I'm here now! It's hot as a firecracker out there, so this will be short and sweet. Happy Fourth of July. While the sparklers and the fireworks have died down, we can still celebrate the GOOD things about living in America. So that's the question of the day--What do you love about YOUR home? I'll start. I love being free and I am blessed to be able to vote at elections. I do love apple pie, Chevrolet and the Fourth of July. I know that even on bad days, I'm still blessed to be living in the United States. I love our soldiers. They are a symbol of what freedom is all about. I love being able to travel and meet people who are interesting and a bit different from me. I love that this country, good or bad, is beautiful and full of a strength that comes together when we need each other. So let's discuss: What do you love about YOUR home?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

RITA WATCH: Save The Date.....

Thanks for invinting me over to the Craftie Ladies of Romance Blog! I'm very excited to be a Rita finalist. My name is Save The Date, and I am authored by Jenny B. Jones and published by Thomas Nelson.

When were you born? 
February 1,  2011

Where were you born? 
Charleston, North Carolina

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
I'm blessed with many siblings including There You'll Find Me, Just Between You and Me and several young adult novels such as So Not Happening and So Over My Head who are part of the Charmed Life Series. Our family is known for being humorous while telling a powerful story. That's probably because our author is a high school teacher and a very funny lady herself. 

What do you think made you a RITA finalist?
I think readers identify with my heroine, Lucy, who wants to build a home for girls who are transitioning out of foster care. She is determined to see her project through, but the hero stands in her way. Former NFL star Alex Sinclair is a man who has it all-except the votes he needs to win this bid for Congress. Despite their mutual dislike, Alex makes Luch a proposition: pose as his fiancee in return for the money she desperately needs for her girls home. Bound to a man who isn't quite what he seems, Lucy will find her heart on the line-and maybe even her life. When God asks Alex and Lucy to scrap their playbook and follow His rules, will they finally say, "I do"?  You'll have to read my story to see.

Thank you for being with us today, Save the Date. 
Congratulations on being a Rita Finalist! We are all so happy for you!

To learn more about Save the Date, her siblings and her author, click on over to Jenny B. Jones' website: http://www.jennybjones.com/books/

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Born on the Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day to all the folks celebrating in the United States! Patty Smith Hall here, and I’m tickled red, white and blue to be hosting the Craftie Ladies today. Being someone who absolutely adores the lessons found in history, my day will be spent with my husband, watching some of the great movies highlighting our country’s struggle to remain a free and independent people throughout our 236 year history. (I’ve already got the DVR set to record ‘1776‘ first thing in the morning!)

But today, I want to share with you another independence day some 41 years ago. There was a battle going on that summer, a war for a different kind of independence, one far more important and with eternal consequences. Most wouldn’t even have thought of it as warfare, considering the spoils of that battle was just my nine year old heart.
But Jesus, He wanted that heart of mine.
Which should have been easy pickings. After all, my momma and daddy had me in church every time the sanctuary doors were unlocked. From the time I was two weeks old until I was nine, I never missed a Sunday or Wednesday night service. Heck, I even went to two or three vacation Bible schools just for good measure. But that summer I was nine, I began to realize going to church and giving my heart to Christ weren’t the same thing.  And even with nine years of good Bible teachings under my skinny belt, I wasn’t sure what to do about it.
Independence Day fell on a Sunday, sticky and blazing hot. Momma said we couldn’t go into town for the big parade until we went to church. So Daddy hurried up and packed the car with our blankets and cooler while me and my siblings scrambled into the backseat for the trip. And I remember I couldn’t get comfortable--not physically, but something inside me. The day felt hotter and everything around me seemed out of focus. Late, we slipped into the back row. The metal chair seemed to grab my little legs as I sat down, but not as much as the pastor’s words did. He spoke of freedom in Christ--that much I remember before I felt it. That knock on the door of my heart, asking to come inside. I knew it was Christ, I knew it! And He’d come for me! All I had to do was accept Him into my heart! When the preacher stood for the altar call, I shot up our of my chair. I had to get down to that altar, had to kneel before Jesus and tell Him how sorry I was, how much I wanted Him in my heart.
And when I stood and looked around, everything snapped into focus. It was as if I’d had scales on my eyes and with one touch to my heart, the blinders had fallen away. There wasn’t anything for me to do but accept the freedom that only Christ could offer. He had fought the battle for me! I was a part of the family of God!
Born on the Fourth of July!
Patty's latest release, Hearts in Hiding, is available this month.

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