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Current Works in Progress

Current Works in Progress
By Margaret Daley

Author: Allie Pleiter

Title: Don't have one yet--it's the first book in my new Blue Thorn Ranch series
Hero and Heroine: Rancher Gunner Buckton and single mom Brooke Calder
Line: Love Inspired

One paragraph (well, it needs a line from the next one to make sense) from the page you are currently on:
Brooke turned to look at him, her eyes radiant. He could envision seeing that same expression twenty years from now and never tiring of it.  For a man who’d made a life of bumping from one thing to the next, that was a startling notion.  “Heart-thumping," she quoted him.  "Who knew you had a way with words?  I thought that was my job.” 
She turned to tuck herself into his arms while the fax machine churned its way through the pages, and sure enough, his heart thumped.  “And you?" Gunner replied.  "Coming up with a plan to gallop off and save the day?  I thought that was my job.”

Due Date: April 1 (Yikes!)
Word or page count goal today: Same as every day: 1000 words in the morning, 1000 words in the afternoon.  Considering I'm releasing a book next week on productivity for writers, I'd better walk the talk, haven't I?

Something cool learned from research: Baby bison aren't born brown, they are born orange and turn brown as they grow.

Author: Louise M. Gouge
Title: Yuletide Reunion
Hero and Heroine: Jared Mattson and Emma Sharp
Line: LIH

One paragraph from the page you are currently on:

Emma froze. Jared Mattson. The last person she wanted to see, even at her best. Today, dressed in Pa’s old trousers and faded flannel shirt, she cringed in spite of herself. Even two years after he cruelly played with her affections and then jilted her without any explanation, she still couldn’t bear to be in his presence. She could manage to ignore him in church and at social gatherings, but now, covered from head to toe with soot from the barn fire, she would make an easy target for his teasing wit.

Due Date: March 27

Word or page count goal today: I'm working on line edits

Something cool learned from research: I learned about sheepdogs from a real life shepherd who was giving a demonstration with her sheep and border collies. She said that the shepherd must be the "alpha" dog in order to maintain the proper hierarchy. Otherwise, the dogs will fight it out and maybe even attack the sheep.

Author: Pamela Tracy
Title:  TBA
Hero and Heroine:  Jake Farraday and Abigail Holmes
Line: Harlequin Heartwarming

One paragraph from the page you are currently on:  

She was hiding something, and while it may or may not be related to the case he was working on, he knew two things.  One, coincidence seldom really was.  And two, the white Cadillac in front of her house didn’t belong on this street.

Due Date: May 30th

Word or page count goal today: 1000 words

Something cool learned from research: Needed:  Forest rangers can work undercover. Good find:  "A park ranger is twelve times more likely to die on the job than is a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation" (Lankford viii). 

Author: Terri Reed
Title: TBA-book 4 of the Northern Border Patrol series
Hero and Heroine: Liz Cantrell and ICE agent Blake Fallon
Line: Love Inspires Suspense

One paragraph from the page you are currently on:

She faced where she thought he was
positioned and gave a nod, and then bent to set the bag on the ground. Before she had released her hold on the bag, the wooden door behind her swung open and a man dragged her inside the dark interior of the barracks.
A panic-fueled surge of adrenaline pumped through Blake’s veins. Liz’s scream echoed in his head.
“I’m coming!” he told her through the communication link that kept them connected.
He could only pray he wasn’t too late.

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