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Spring 2015 Love Inspired Historical Continuity

Hello, Winnie Griggs here.  Today we're featuring the books that are part of the great new Love Inspired Historical Continuity - Journey West.  
The tagline for this 3 book series is Journey West: Romance and adventure await three siblings on the Oregon Trail.   Oh, my, but doesn't that sound like something you want to dive right into??

I've asked each of the authors involved to give us a blurb about their particular book in the series and then let us know what they hope readers will take away from the story.

Let's see what they had to say:

BOOK 1 (April)

Wagon Train Reunion by Linda Ford

Second-Chance Courtship
Abigail Black had no choice but to break Ben Hewitt’s heart years ago. Her parents had picked another, wealthier groom. Now widowed and destitute, she’s desperate to leave her old life behind. The wagon-train journey to Oregon is full of dangers, but she’ll face anything—even Ben—for a fresh start.

Ben knows better than to trust Abby again. Between her family’s snobbery and his family’s protectiveness, avoiding her should be easy. Yet he’s still moved by Abby’s sweetness and beauty…along with a sadness and strength he never noticed in her before. Forgiving past wrongs would be a struggle—but the hardest struggle would be letting Abby go once more. 

What Linda hopes readers will take away from this story: "That it’s possible to overcome challenges and forgive past hurts."

BOOK 2 (May)

Wagon Train Proposal by Lacy Williams

A Promised Bride
Emma Hewitt never thought she’d travel thousands of miles to wed. Yet Oregon is where she’ll meet the groom her brothers have chosen. After years of nursing her ailing father, Emma’s social skills are lacking. An arranged marriage is only sensible. And her growing feelings for Nathan Reed, a worker on her wagon train, are surely better forgotten.

Nathan knows he’s wrong for Emma. He’s too rough, too burdened with guilt over his past. But when Emma nurses him through a fever, she sees something in him no one ever has. Now he wants to be a man worthy of her love. Emma’s loyalty to family has always come first. Will she find the courage now to follow her heart? 

What Lacy hopes readers will take away from this story: "I want readers to know that sometimes the bravest choice isn’t necessarily a big journey or a life-altering decision. Sometimes the bravest choice is standing up for someone else or getting outside of your comfort zone to make a new friend. Be brave!"

BOOK 3 (June)

Wagon Train Sweetheart by Renee Ryan

For the Sake of His Children
A marriage of convenience? Rachel Hewitt couldn't possibly accept. Not even for the sake of three adorable little girls who desperately want a new mother. Sheriff Tristan McCullough offers Rachel a home and family, but not the one thing she truly seeks—someone to love her for herself.

Tristan McCullough hoped to find a wife on the wagon train, not a nanny. The hardworking widower wants a marriage without emotional risks. But independent Rachel intrigues him. One minute she’s winning over his shy little girls, and the next she’s tackling danger head-on. She might just be Tristan’s unexpected second chance at happiness…if he’ll risk his wary heart again. 

What Renee hopes readers will take away from this story: "I hope readers will share my renewed desire to take more risks in their life, as I am determined to do in mine."

So there you have it - a quick peak into this great new mini-series.  So what intrigued you most as you read about it?  Do you have any questions or comments for the authors?


  1. What a great series! The books all sound good!

  2. This sounds like a great series. I think I'd better hurry over to Walmart and get the first one!

  3. Some great historical LIs this month.

  4. So exciting!! I can't wait to read it!

  5. Sounds like another winning series for some very talented authors.

  6. These stories all sound great! Can't wait!

  7. This was such a fun series to write (my first in a multi-author series!), and I really enjoyed researching the Oregon Trail.


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