Thursday, March 26, 2015

Romance Springs to the Forefront, by Carolyn Greene

 It’s that time of year again.  The time when love blooms, anticipation grows, and hopes and dreams swell to massive proportions. 

Today  romance will be on the minds of many.  Hearts will pound, and there will be noises of delight all around the world.

No, I’m not talking about the birds and bees and their spring-time rituals.  I’m referring to the mega-talented romance authors who’ll receive the call today, notifying them that their book is a RITA finalist.

For those of you who aren’t already familiar with the RITA, it’s a peer-judged award presented by the Romance Writers of America.  It’s to romance writers what the Edgar is to mystery writers … what the Grammy is to musicians and the Oscar is to professionals in the film industry.

In other words, the RITA Award is a big honkin’ deal.  And the books that are nominated are the pinnacle of their genres.

Anyone who loves romance novels loves finding out which books will be shortlisted.  Not only is this an opportunity to cheer on our favorite authors, but it’s also an opportunity to discover new books written by new-to-us authors.

Although books can be read in hours or days, it takes the authors months or even years to write them.  (Anyone who has spent hours preparing a delicious meal, only to have their family devour it in minutes knows what I’m talking about.<G>)  A lot of heart and dedication goes into writing the novels, and it’s nice to see the authors recognized for their talent and hard work.

The official RITA finalist list will be posted at today by 2pm Central Time.  Won’t you join the Craftie Ladies today in cheering for the finalists and praying for all whose books are entered?

In the meantime, follow the comments that accompany this blog.  As word gets around, I’m sure people will be posting the exciting news even before the official announcement.


Carolyn Greene is the author of Unexpected Reunion, first in the Southern Blessings series published by Love Inspired.


  1. Yes, a very exciting day!

    Carolyn, I laughed so hard at how you likened writing a book and having someone read it quickly to eating a meal that took hours to prepare. :)

  2. I have to add that I've already won the romance contest. Today is my 38th wedding anniversary.

  3. Congrats Carolyn! 38 years. I'm on 13.

  4. Missy, I'm amazed at how fast people can devour food and books.

    Pamela, congrats on 13 years with your honey.

    So far, I've heard of 3 RITA finalists, but none are in the inspirational category: Lori Wilde, Mary Burton, and Nancy Warren.

  5. Carolyn, I loved your lead in to your information about the RITA. Best wishes to all who have entered. I suppose by now most finalists have been notified since I'm writing this nearly at noon west coast time. I've been busy playing tennis this morning. I guess I should pop on over to the RWA site and found out who the finalists are.

  6. Congratulations to all who finaled in the Inspirational category, whether they write for Love Inspired or not:

    Irene Hannon -- Deceived
    Kate Breslin -- For Such a Time
    Stacy Henrie -- Hope at Dawn
    Jennifer Beckstrand -- Huckleberry Summer
    Rose Ross Zediker -- The Widow's Suitor

    And a Love Inspired title in the Romantic Suspense category:

    Katy Lee -- Grave Danger

    Please support these authors in prayer and by buying (and enjoying) their books!

  7. So happy for all of the RITA finalists!!! Amazing women, all :)


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