Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Realities

Arlene James here with a few thoughts on Christmas.
Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the Christmas season is in full gear. In essence, Christmas is a big birthday celebration. Everyone who participates enjoys the party and, ideally, both receives and gives gifts to commemorate the birth of our Savior, Who is a gift to the entire world. Faith being a very personal thing, families naturally come together to pay homage and celebrate a miraculous event with those of like mind and tradition. It's such a joyous occasion that even non-Christians have signed on for the celebration. Sadly, commercialism has robbed Christmas of much of its significance. Santa Claus has pushed out Jesus Christ--except for those of us who believe.

Still, Christmas is often filled with angst for those without family, funds, or faith. Depression during the season is common. Family time often means altercation. Finances are stretched. Expectations are sometimes unrealistically high. Greed can creep in.
Let's face it. Families are never perfect. Even our most halcyon memories of Christmases past usually include a disappointment or two, if not truly cringe-worthy moments.

My novella, THE RANCHER'S CHRISTMAS BABY in the CHRISTMAS ON THE RANCH duet with Lois Richer (CHRISTMAS EVE COWBOY), addresses a less than perfect family situation. Primarily raised by his grandparents, Dixon Lyons now has a good relationship with his father and half-brothers. He's looking forward to a relaxed, low-key Christmas on the ranch he inherited from his grandfather--until his estranged mother shows up ill, with a baby and beautiful stranger in tow.
Compassion and patience are in short supply as Dixon deals with the realities of the situation. His mother's hard living has contributed to her health issues, and Dix can't get over the feelings of abandonment and shame that her actions and lifestyle have brought on the family.
But it's Christmas. What's a Christian man to do?
As the reality of his mother's situation is revealed, Dixon must try to find the forgiveness and understanding that his mother needs.  However, will that be enough to warm the heart of beautiful Fawn Ambor, his mother's chief defender and caregiver? Can he even truly love Fawn and not his mother?
And what about that baby? His mother wasn't ready to be a parent to him. Is he ready to parent a child?
Only the Spirit of Christmas knows the answers to those questions.

Merry Christmas, and God bless you!

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  1. I hope others can see this. I've had a difficult time getting it to post.

  2. It's clear as a bell. Thanks for the realistic look at the holiday.

  3. Great post Arlene. Your story sounds really good. Perfect for Christmas.


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