Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Great Smoky Mountains

Missy Tippens here...
I wanted to share with you some photos from our wonderful fall break trip last week. We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and had a blast. We also celebrated my parents' 50th wedding anniversary while there!

Here are some photos of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains (from while we were driving across the mountain in the national park).

And below is also some of the wildlife we experienced! The raccoon nearly came inside the hotel room. And the bear lumbered down the mountainside into our motel parking lot and checked out cars--and us! He got within about 5-6 feet of us. :)

I hope you enjoy the mini-tour of the Smokies. Have you ever been there?

Also! My new release is now available! A Forever Christmas. Here's a back cover blurb:

Sarah Radcliffe’s quiet Christmas back in her hometown will be lost if she agrees to direct the church’s Christmas pageant. But when she meets two little boys determined to gain their father’s attention, Sarah agrees to help. Then she discovers that the dad in question is Gregory Jones, the man she loved and lost.

The single dad is working himself to the bone to give his boys the Christmas of their dreams, when all they want is some family time. Time that includes a new mommy. If Sarah can learn to open her heart, she may receive the most wonderful present of all—a family of her own.


Ausjenny said...

Missy love the pics and hearing about your trip just wondering isn't your new release
A forever Christmas? Which I do want to read.

Jessiecue said...

Missy love the pics. I live about 40 minutes away. I am glad you enjoyed your time here. I love the mountains. I honestly think I would miss them if I ever left. They are so wonderful. I have never actually gotten to see the bears while we have been out but we here about them often.

Missy Tippens said...

Jenny, thank you!! Yes, you're right. I was so tired when I wrote my post at 2 am this morning! :)

I changed the title so have it right now. What would I do without you??! :)

Missy Tippens said...

Jessiecue, you're lucky to live there! I had an aunt who lived in Asheville, and I always loved visiting her. I love the mountains. We've vacationed in Gatlingburg for years. My first book, Her Unlikely Family, was set there! :)

April said...

The pics are beautiful. I have been to the Great Smoky Mountains they are glorious.I enjoy your books. Thanks

Missy Tippens said...

April, thank you! And thanks for stopping by today.

Edna said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the mountains, I live in SC and we have the Blue Ridge mountains. Please enter me into the drawing for a free book.

May God bless


EllenToo said...

Last year's vacation was to Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains National Park. It's beautiful up there.

Project Journal said...

Hi Missy!
Nice pictures! We have some like that from when we were there visiting : )

I can't wait to read A Forever Christmas!! It looks soooo good! It'll be my first Xmas book for the year! Can't wait for the next one either *wink*

Melissa said...


South Carolina is beautiful, too. But I've usually been to the beach when I've been there. I went with Lynette Eason (a Love Inspired Suspense author) for a writers retreat at Myrtle Beach this year. :)


Melissa said...


How fun! We really enjoy the shopping. And besides the fun hanging out at the river, the kids love to play Putt Putt golf. :)

Melissa said...

Hannah, are there mountains around you? Or do you have to drive a ways to get to some?

Melissa said...

Okay, Melissa is me! I'm signed in under the wrong account right now. LOL


Project Journal said...

LOL Missy! I couldn't figure it out : )

Well there are mountains around me. I live in the Green Mountains, so go figure : )