Tuesday, October 21, 2014


It was a Dark and Stormy night—Halloween Serial Chapter Four by Terri Reed

          “No, no. Light would be good.” Ellie grappled with the door handle and pulled. The side door popped open and she scrambled out, through her striped stockings the cold cement floor turned her toes to popsicles.
JT flipped the lock on the glove box, reached inside and withdrew a slim, sliver object that glinted in the car’s dome light.
She gasped. Was that a knife?  
She backed away from the car with her stiletto at the ready.  Wildly she glanced around the mammoth sized garage for a place to hide, but the car’s interior light did nothing to dispel the black abyss of the garage.  She didn’t know what dangers hid in the shadows. Better to face the threat she could see.
JT unfolded himself from the car and stood.  He was tall, very tall.  Taller than Ellie, which under normal circumstances would have delighted her, but right now, his towering frame intimidated and threatened.  If she screamed would anyone hear her?
Thunder crashed out side, rattling the garage door as if clamoring to get in. Or was something trying to get out?
He shut his door and rounded the rear of the car, his long legs carrying him toward her. Heart hammering against her ribs, she swallowed, backing up another step, moving farther into the gloom. 
             JT reached inside the car behind the passenger seat.
She watched in fascination as he withdrew a long black cape, swirled it out and fastened the sheet of fabric around his broad shoulders.  Only now did she realize he wore a tux that fit his frame well.  All he needed were fangs.   
He pushed the passenger side door closed, throwing them into complete darkness. Then she heard a click and a beam of light illuminated JT with a garish glow, making the angles and planes of his handsome face sharper.
“Oops, I almost forgot.” JT reached inside a deep pocket within the cape, withdrew a white mask and slid it over his face, then held out a hand. “Come to me.”
Oh, boy.  Isn’t that was what Dracula said to his victims right before he…Something rubbed against her leg. She squealed and jumped.  “Something is in here. It just touched me.”
A rumbling laughed emanated from JT.  “Don’t worry, she won’t hurt you.”
            “What won’t hurt me?” Ellie whispered.

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