Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm so confused

Hi. I'm Lenora Worth. I've written 34 books, most of those for Steeple Hill. I don't blog much and I've decided like Missy, that as much as I love to talk I go blank on what to say on a blog. But somehow I find myself agreeing to blog everywhere anyway!

When I was first asked to join this blog, I thought CRAFTIE?? I almost broke out in the hives. I don't do crafts of any kind. I tried crosstitching once and almost went cross-eyed doing that. It was for my husband's grandmother and I managed to make the thing (a small one that gave the definition of a Southerner as someone who loves porch swings, fried chicken and sweet tea and some other things I can't remember. It took me about two months to do it. After Granny passed away, my husband's mother gave the little cross-stitched picture back to me and it now hangs in my kitchen. So I guess I survived that little crafty venture and now have a lot of great memories of a woman I loved dearly. But mostly, when I try to "craft" something it looks more like what a pre-schooler would make than a middle-aged woman. Anyway, I panicked when I saw our name, thinking oh, my, I've signed up to make crafts???

Thank goodness the only crafting going on here is fun, friendship and a love for writing inspirational stories of love and hope. Sigh. That I can live with! I think my day to blog is the second Tuesday but I might be wrong on that. I'm still learning all this stuff. Maybe this is like cross-stitching after all. You just have to know where all the stitches need to fall. I might be in trouble!!!!

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