Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CONTEST---WHO AM I? - March Madness!

Just in case you missed the announcement about our blog contest, page down to yesterday's post. This will be so much fun! See if you can guess who these Love Inspired authors are.  The contest will be going on ALL WEEK, so keep posting your ideas!  

And by the way, make sure you use the number of the author description when you post an idea, so we know who you mean.

The winner will receive a $16.00 Amazon gift card! We will tally the number of correct answers that were posted first by each participant, to determine the winner.  We won't reveal any of the correct answers until the end of the contest, so keep coming back, and keep guessing!

#1 I grew in the Denver where if you can see the mountains, you know what direction you're going and don't get lost. My parents moved to Texas when I was a teen. I met my husband in college and got my job first--deaf ed teacher. He followed. We're going to celebrate 40 years of marriage this year. (Remember I was a teen when I married.)

#2 I grew up in the Western United States, living in teensy towns with no clinics, movie theaters or restaurants within a 3-hour drive. My father was a forest ranger (which is the theme of my new book series coming out in May). I hate litter bugs, am an excellent seamstress and still bottle produce grown in my own gardens. I graduated with honors with a degree in History and love doing research. I had the distinct privilege of marrying the love of my life thirty years ago and have two wonderful adult children. That said, if I'd known early on how fun being a granny is, I might have just skipped the kids. :) I sold my first book by entering and winning the Golden Heart...a dream come true. Everything else since then has just been icing on my cake.

#3 I'm a Massachusetts girl, through and through. I started out in college in Mechanical Engineering but quickly caught the music bug, changed my major to Sound Recording Technology and started managing a Boston rock band! Our highlight was being interviewed on M-TV and opening for The Fixx after winning the legendary WBCN Rock-n-Roll Rumble. But love bit me hard when I met my husband at a gig and I left music to pursue writing--my other passion-- and finished my first novel the year we were married. That was 20 years and 12 published books ago!

#4 I was born and raised in Kentucky then headed to Georgia to attend graduate school at Emory University--where I met my pastor hubby. I worked as a microbiologist, then became a stay-at-home mom of three. While home with the kids, I started writing fiction. After over ten years of pursuing my dream, I finally made my first sale to Love Inspired!

#5 I was adopted at birth (by a wonderful family) and grew up (in Nebraska) to be both an English professor and author (21 books!). I have been married eight years (and now live in Arizona) have one son and my favorite book of all-time is All Things Great and Small. I sold my first book in 1999 and am now on book 21.

#6 I grew up a Kansas farm girl. I've been an archery champion and a neonatal nurse. I married a sailor, I enjoy traveling and I love, love, love my grandkids and my coffee.

#7 I'm six feet tall and am known as much for my knitting as my writing. I grew up on the East Coast and was a theater major in college. I have a spoiled Havanese dog and am never far from a cup of coffee. My books have taken me to Kentucky, San Francisco, and Cincinnati, among other places, and I laugh as much in my books as in real life.

#8 I literally grew up on a horse. I've always had at least one of them since I was six, and rode with my friends all over our part of the county even at that young age. It was a lot like giving a first grader a set of car keys! I also grew up with a menagerie of pets, and made sure that our kids had that opportunity also. Needless to say, animals have played a role in many of my books. Who am I?

#9 I'm from Georgia but live in Louisiana. My favorite books are "Gone With The Wind" and "Wuthering Heights." I love all kinds of music--from the blues and rock to gospel, classical and country. I'm a city girl with a country heart. I love shoes and chocolate. I get into trouble a lot. Really a lot.

#10 I was born in Nashville then eighteen years later returned to go to college where I met my husband. I love cookie dough ice cream, caramel and pecan pie. I've never been a coffee drinker but love tea. My favorite book is James Rollins' Amazonia.

#11 I have visited all fifty states and lived in ten of them. I met my husband while I lived in Ohio, and our two girls were born there. I lived in Georgia when I first decided to write something to send to a publisher. I won the Golden Heart in 2003 and made my first sale to Love Inspired in 2004.

#12 I was born and raised in Texas. I love eating dessert first, small town life and road trips, but most of all I love God, my family and writing books about all of the above! I was a hair stylist and salon owner for many years and wrote at night after my kids were in bed and dreamed of selling one of my books. It wasn't until I wrote a book about a wacky hairstylist on a mission for God in a tiny Texas town that I finally sold my first book. That was 6 years and nineteen books ago.

#13 I grew up in the foothills of the Sierra-Nevada mountains. During college I pursued a modeling career, coached gymnastics and also met my husband. We've lived in Sacramento, NYC, Chicago before moving to Oregon where we started a family. I sold my first book to Steeple Hill in 2003 and have written twenty-two more since then.

#14 I love fruity desserts better than chocolate ones. I love to cook and bake and eat. I worked my way through college as a beautician and still cut my family's hair. I'm a Midwesterner though I was born in TX. I write about strong women. I'm posting my first manuscript on my blog scene by scene this year.

#15    I've lived in two foreign countries, France and South Africa, grew up in the Midwest and now live in a much warmer climate. I'm deathly afraid of spiders so the tarantullas are always out to get me. I work at a golf course but don't play golf. Who am I? :)

Who are we?

Best wishes to you all!
Roxanne Rustand


  1. We've had so much funny putting this together. We found out things about each other :)

  2. Yes, very fun! I had no idea we were so diverse. :)

    Okay, y'all, don't be bashful! Go ahead and guess! (Uh, oh. Was that y'all a hint???) ;)

  3. I sure enjoyed getting to know my fellow authors better. Believe me, this is a fun group!

  4. Dog-eared, which number did you think is Pamela?

    There are 12 of us described on here. :) Can you figure out who is who??? A lot of the info can be found on our websites and blogs. :)

  5. There are now #13 as I added 1 more Craftie Lady to the bottom of the post. This is fun!

  6. I am impressed with all the different and creative folks are in this group and their fasinating backgrounds.

  7. I def know #3 is Lisa!! My friend from back home :) Am working on the rest of the ladies to see if I've been able to follow them correctly!

  8. Wow, what an interesting group. I could get story ideas just from trying to guess!!!

    And everyone, welcome to the "New"
    Craftie Ladies of Love Inspired blog site. Thanks Lisa and Pamela and all of you who worked so hard on this!

  9. Oh Melanie, from the Dog-Eared Pages, thanks so much for stopping by. Guys, Melanie owns a fantastic used book store here in the greater Phoenix, Area. She takes care of the local writers :)

  10. What a great way to get to know these LI authors ... I enjoyed learning more about each of them. So here's my list:

    1. Leann Harris
    2. Leigh Bale
    3. Lisa Mondello
    4. Missy Tippens
    5. Pamela Tracy
    6. Patricia Davids
    7. Allie Pleiter
    8. Roxanne Rustand
    9. Lenora Worth
    10. Margaret Daley
    11. Merrillee Whren
    12. Debra Clopton
    13. Terri Reed
    14. Lyn Cote

    Thanks for the fun...and a chance to win. Blessings all!

  11. Okay, I know that #3 is Lisa Mondello and #5 is Pamela Tracy.

    I guess I'm cheating because they are two of my closest friends!!!

    Cathy McDavid

  12. Okay, #3 is Lisa Mondello and #5 is Pamela Tracy.

    I guess I'm cheating a little because they are two of my closest friends.

    Cathy McDavid

  13. Okay, I somehow got in there twice!!!

    Guess my chances are now double.

  14. Okay, I somehow got in there twice!!!

    Guess my chances are now double.

  15. Hi All:

    Here’s who I think people are with a little help from the books I have here with me. What I can’t understand is why I can’t figure out Margaret Daley and Linda Goodnight. I’ve met these authors and read many of their books.

    4 is Missy
    9 is Lenora
    11 is Merrillee Whren
    14 is Lyn
    5 is Pamela Tracy
    6 is Patricia Davids
    2 is Leigh Bale
    7 is Allie Pleiter


  16. Jenny,
    Welcome. I just went to your blog. I really liked your years of reading challenges. How do you get them all under an icon?
    And you were really nice in your interview to say you didn't have a least favorite book for 2010.

  17. More for Jenny,
    How did you hear about our contest?

  18. Vince,
    After all these years, why do I have a last name while others just were guessed by their first names? Inquiring minds want to know.

  19. Sorry I missed getting my post to you, I've been buried under edits and life. What a great idea. I've had fun learning about my other bogmates. I could still be #15 and give everything away to make it a little easier. I've lived in two foreign countries, France and South Africa, grew up in the Midwest and now live in a much warmer climate. I'm deathly afraid of spiders so the tarantullas are always out to get me. I work at a golf course but don't play golf. Who am I? :)

  20. i am not sure, but want to post my guesses -
    #1 Leann Harris
    #4 Missy Tippens
    #5 Pamela Tracy
    #11 Merrillee Whren
    #12 Debra Clopton


  21. Please note---we've now got a #15 also!

  22. Vince, it the secret I live. Waving hi to you.

    This contest was so much fun.

  23. Boy, y'all have been busy since I last checked. Good job, Jenny! I guess mine was pretty easy-I think the shoes gave it away!

  24. 1. Leann
    2. Leigh
    3. Lisa
    4. Missy
    5. Pamela
    6. Patricia
    7. Allie!
    8. Roxanne
    9. Lenora
    10. Margaret
    11. Merrillee
    12. Debra
    13. Terri
    14. Lyn

    None of the descriptions seemed to fit Linda, Ginny, or Kim.

  25. I'm amazed at the number of correct guesses. I'm also amazed at the diversity of our group of writers. Cool beans as my grandson says.

  26. We just recently added one member. Then, too, we had one member who didn't participate, so there needs to be one blank.

  27. Hi Pamela:

    I think the first name only ones are the authors I was very sure about. I didn’t consider them guesses. The two names is where I was guessing on maybe having one fact.

    BTW: I think you were being tricky. Important facts were left out. Like one author is both a nurse and a teacher. Another is a special ed teacher who works with the Special Olympics.

    This is harder than it looks. I have a lot of LI books here but many of those authors are not part of the group listed here. But it’s fun.


  28. Hi:

    I think 15 is Ginny Aiken. I remember reading something about Cuba.


  29. I'm posting 3 guesses - this is hard! However, I did a little research by clicking and reading, and it was fun to get to know more about you all and your work! (Hey, I bet that's the idea!)
    #5 - Pam
    #11 - Merrillee
    #12 - Debra

  30. Special Bonus:

    Which author here has a LI book that’s available for the first time today on eHarlequin?

    I’m reading it right now.


  31. Oooh, ooh, I know #5: Pam Tracy.

    :) Ann_Lee_Miller@msn.com

  32. Vince, are you reading A Family to the Rescue by Lissa Manley? This is her first book with LI. It's a very good book.

  33. Oh, Vince!! You just reminded me. I went and checked, and sure enough, the April books are finally up! :)

    Maybe it's mine! :)

  34. Also, in April-- Debbie, Lenora, and Lyn from this blog. Along with others.

    I'm so excited to have a book out again! (Can you tell??) ;)

  35. Terri, I'll be sure to look for Lissa's!

    Y'all are doing great on the Who Am I guesses!

  36. more guesses - Lyn Cote - #14
    Roxanne Rustand - #8
    Patricia Davids - #6
    Leigh Bale - #2
    Lenora Worth - #9
    Allie Pleiter - #7
    Margaret Daley - #10
    Lisa Mondello - #3
    Terri Reed - # 13

    i've been finding lots of cool blogs, so even if i don't win the gift card, i've already won!

  37. # 15 - Ginny Aiken!


  38. Ann,
    So glad you stopped by! Ladies, Ann is president of our local Christian Writers of the West group.

  39. Vince,
    They're supposed to be funny. Next time, I think we'll put quotes from our husbands up, and that will really make you have to guess.

  40. Hi Missy:

    It is your book. “A Family for Faith”. And I reading it tonight as well. It just seems like a long time between your books.

    I also downloaded Ruth’s book, “Reunited Hearts” today. (But I've read three of hers since your last book! So I'm reading “A Family for Faith”first.)

    I see that Lyn’s “A Daddy in the Making” is up in April as is Lenora’s “Hometown Sweetheart”.

    You all are quite active!


  41. Hi Terri:

    I didn’t know about Lissa’s book. It is a March book and has been available for 29 days now. But I’ll want to read it. I really enjoy reading ‘first’ books. It’s “A Family to the Rescue”. I bet that it is on Kindle by now.

    The Kindle has a much better reading surface and much larger type than my Sony eReader but Kindle has to wait 30 more days for the April books to become available. Sony can take the EPUB that eHarlequin offers.


  42. Hi Pamela:

    ”I think we'll put quotes from our husbands up, and that will really make you have to guess.

    I think the real question will be if you all will be able to recognize your own descriptions if your husbands email them without you seeing them! Be sure to do that.


    BTW: Do you know that Pamela is considered to be the first true novel written in the English language?

  43. Vince, thanks for reading! Yes, I've had over a year between books. I'm learning to work more quickly and to come up with more fitting ideas on the first try. :)

  44. Vince,
    I did know that. My parent, however, did not. My name came from a baby book.

  45. Pamela...I found out about this fun contest from Merrillee's blurb on facebook. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I'm not a html expert so I just used the code Katrina from Callapidder Days (host of the challenges) used and put my own link underneath to show my progress.

    Lenora...yep, it was the shoes that gave it away. ;)

    One little tidbit I found interesting...Pat Davids and I both attended Kansas State University...GO WILDCATS!! ;)

    And I'm adding to my list:
    15. Kim Watters

  46. Jenny,
    Go Wildcats is RIGHT ON!!
    I'm so wearing purple today. Watching the Lady Wildcats take on Texas A&M.

  47. How fun. I've visited Craftie Ladies of Suspense so look forward to more interesting info from you gals.

    Hmmm. I should know more of these but these are only ones that gave me enough info.

    #4 Missy
    #5 Pamela
    #9 Lenora
    #14 Lyn

  48. Sandra,
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm looking forward to Tucson, aren't you?

  49. CONGRATULATIONS to Jenny who is the winner of the Craftie Ladies of Romance contest for a $16 gift card from Amazon.com. You got the most Who am I? answers right first. Thanks so much to all of you for participating in the contest. Enjoy!

  50. Im just an Oakie from MUscokee.
    GOd has brought me to the west coast.

  51. Hope I am in the right place for the contest blast. Love winning books, lol. Juanita W

  52. Juanita, you're at the right blog but wrong post. This one was back in the spring. Try hitting refresh on your screen and see if it'll take you to the newer posts. :)


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