Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Lady Valentine Part Three by Pamela Tracy

All her life, her parents had cautioned her brother Thomas, "Do not inspire Elizabeth to misbehave."
They believed he might be more apt to manipulation than she. They were wrong. Thomas was her equal. She could imagine his glee if he were here. "Do go, Sister. Just think how a harmless walk would vex Patrica."

Patrica, as baby of the family, demanded certain rights as hers by birth. Clearly, in the opinion of the two older siblings, Elizabeth and Thomas, their parents had ruined Patrica with their administrations. Thomas and Elizabeth did their best to correct the error.

All in fun, of course.

Elizabeth perused the brown-haired baron who now watched as she straightened from the curtsey. She was tall for a female: five foot five! Yet, he stood over her by almost a foot.

"Ladies do not scowl," she said in her most haughty voice. "And, certainly, any gentleman would refrain from noticing should one do so."

"Gentleman? Nay, I am here but to please the Duchess. I will be leaving tomorrow morning."

Curiosity plagued Elizabeth. Too leave would be insulting to her aunt. Yet, he seemed not to be concerned.

Her brother's urging, albeit imaginary, was wrong.

It would be harmful to walk with Baron Drake Godrich. Even now the half smile and the piercing brown eyes were causing her concern and a strange sense of longing. She was intrigued. That was all.

Far too often, the young men she came in contact with distanced themselves. They did not appreciate a female who was as adept at numbers and words as she was with sewing. They did not like being surprised by a female who had an opinion on whether or not Henry should be counseled by Anselm and offer homage.

If Baron Drake Godrich knew her name, then it was most assured he knew her disposition.

"I will fetch the duchess for you," Elizabeth offered. "She would be honored at your suggestion to take in the grounds."

"I think not. The Duchess and I have already taken a walk today."

Even more curious.

If he had informed her aunt that he would be leaving tomorrow morning, why had her aunt not mentioned it when Patrica begged Elizabeth to pair her with him?

"A short walk would be pleasing," Elizabeth decided.


  1. Wow, what twists! I love this story. I love seeing how the different writers focus on different things.
    But now the Baron is leaving? What! He can't leave. We just met him. So not fair, Pamela!

  2. Yes, a walk so we can see more of him and find out what he's going to do next!

  3. This man is no to be trusted! I don't know why, yet, but I'm sure if it 😏

  4. The Baron seems so intriguing - - and a bit dangerous. Can't wait to read more!! :)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  5. Barb,
    I think he's too tall. Never trust a tall baron.

  6. Lenora,
    Yes, a walk, but must remember that it's cold.


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