Thursday, February 26, 2015

My Furry Editors

I’m a huge animal lover, and I love having my own furkids as writing companions.

Dogs versus Cats

There is a definite distinction between dog editors and cat editors. My dog editors want to be around me while I’m writing. But I can tell when I’ve been writing for too long because the dogs are the ones that remind me that they want to be walked and want to play. Or even more importantly they want to eat.

Enough writing!! Time to play

Time for a walk! Step away from laptop
The cats, on the other hand, want to be part of the story. 

Wouldn't I be a great character in your story?

Or maybe it’s just that they want to lay near the warm laptop. 

Look at those TYPOS!

I like the direction here....
At the end of the day, they all provide inspiration and companionship. And I can't imagine my life without them. Do you have furry companions in your life? 


  1. LOL, I'm petting my cat while I type this. He's on my hand.

  2. Our cat would lie on the desk. I like your furry editors.

  3. Precious pets! Thanks for sharing your photos.
    I have 5 cats (had 6 and lost one to cancer last sad...).
    My cats are my constant companions at home--especially when I'm writing! :)

  4. My dog has taken to whimpering every time I sit down to work. He wants us to play ball instead. I feel so mean telling him no. :(


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