Friday, February 26, 2016

Blast from the Past - Guess the Author

It's that time when we glimpse into the past of one of our Craftie Ladies. The first reader to correctly guess this month's author will receive a copy of this author's latest Love Inspired release.


Here's your clue:

This photo is of me (center, in the yellow) with my sister (far left) and three of my cousins. I always lived six hours from extended family so didn't get to see them often. Whenever I did, it was a special treat. And this event was even more exciting than usual. We got to get all dressed up to celebrate our grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary! They threw a big party at the Holiday Inn and invited a huge crowd. It was such fun! And we felt very glamorous. :)

Do you know who this is? Leave your guess in the comments to be entered in the contest. And be sure to look for more clues in the comment section throughout the day.

Good luck!


  1. No idea but I am going to guess Mindy Obenhaus.

  2. Sorry, gang, I've been out of pocket today. Here's another clue. THIS AUTHOR IS FROM KENTUCKY, BUT NOW CALLS GEORGIA HOME.

  3. Well, her daughter looks just like her in this photo. I won't give it away. :)

  4. Well, her daughter looks just like her in this photo. I won't give it away. :)

  5. Debbie Guisti?

    I love the "guess the author" blast from the past :-)

  6. Scraproni, you're right!! It's me. :) You're the winner. If you'll email me at missytippens [at] so that I can get your Amazon email addy, I'll send you a copy of my e-book. Thanks for taking part!

    Lindi, isn't it funny how much my daughter looks like me. Kind of crazy!

    Sherida, you got it right, too. :)

    1. My pleasure its fun to play n find out fun bits about the authors

  7. cool game, I can never guess them...clues help...
    Have a great weekend ladies..


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