Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Allie Pleiter takes on Texas...

When I chose to set my new series in Texas, I knew there had to be cowboys involved. After all, what romance reader doesn’t love her cowboys?  

Only you know me, I can’t do things like everybody else…my books always have to have something unique or off-beat about them.  A surprise element, if you will.

So I went nosing around central Texas to see what caught my eye.  Oddly enough, the perfect solution showed up right under my nose at a yarn show in Illinois.  The nice folks at The Buffalo Wool Co. captured my imagination right away.  You see, Texas is host to some of the nation’s finest bison herds (Buffalo Wool Co.’s herd included).  Once I learned the amazing story of the American bison restoration from near extinction, I was hooked.  

Or was that needled?  Because, you see, The Buffalo Wool Co. makes some truly splendid knitting yarn and other products from bison.  Cowboys! Dramatic stories! Sweeping landscapes! Knitting! Ranches!  Really, what more do you need for the perfect Allie book?? Actually, a whole series of Allie books—I couldn’t possibly hope to stop at one…

Then I met the wonderful owners of the Lucky B Bison Ranch in Bryan Texas.  This, to me, is the best part of my work:  I get to meet the most interesting people and learn about their lives.  When someone is kind enough to stage your own personal bison stampede for you, you know you’ve landed a fabulous resource.

It never ceases to amaze me how God orchestrates people and places into my life to create the books I will write.  America’s bison ranchers are an extraordinary group of people, and I was delighted to write the story of Gunner Buckton’s return to his family ranch.  The Texas Rancher’s Return is a terrific launch to this new series.  After all, who doesn’t love a homecoming for the prodigal cowboy—especially when there’s a perfect love and a new family waiting for him!

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  1. Prodigals are some of my favorite stories, Allie. Love the book and love the idea of setting the series in Texas. But then, I'm kind of biased since I'm from Texas.


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