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Speaking of Happily Ever Afters

If yesterday had you humming the theme from the Brady Bunch, today we want you to think about the happily ever after that is what you close your eyes and imagine after the final kiss of a Hallmark movie (er, Love Inspired romance).

To give you some idea of who we are we're taking those plot devices (Hmmm, no secret babies or runaway bride categories) and matching them to Love Inspired authors.  Below, we've listed many of our authors and not only how they met the love of their life, but how long they've been together.

I'm Pamela Tracy.  I've been married 15 years.  Thanks to this post, I looked up the traditional gifts hubbies are supposed to give based on years.  My hubby owes me some crystals.

Louise M. Gouge should be showing off some emeralds.

If we get an author bragging about the one-year anniversary, she'll be happily stacking reams of paper in her office, and truly romance authors love paper.

Take a look at our authors and then comment with your anniversary number and the category you fall under.

What have we left out?

1.  Childhood Sweethearts
           Lenora Worth ()

2. High School Sweethearts
            Laurel Blount (29 years)
           Jill Kemerer (22 years) 
           Rhonda Gibson (34 years)
3. College Sweethearts
           Terri Reed (29 years)
Margaret Daley (46  years)
Jean C. Gordon (43 years: we married our junior year)          
Jo Ann Brown (40 years)
Christine Johnson (30 years)
Winnie Griggs (42 years, but hybrid because we were introduced by friends)
Leann Harris

4. Blind Date
           Pamela Tracy (15 years)
            Louise M. Gouge (52 years)
            Deb Kastner (30 years)
           Meghan Carver (24 years)

5. Worked together
            Katy Lee (19 years)

6. Mutual Friends
            Myra Johnson (45 years)
            Jolene Navarro (30 years, a true small town romance)
            Mary Alford (33 years)
            Arlene James (42 years, but hybrid because friends can be family)
            Lorraine Beatty (50 years) 

7. Church

8. Met at a Social Event
            Debby Giusti (44 years)

9. Neighbors
            Merrillee Whren (41 years)

10.  Still Looking   


  1. Wow! Look at all of these happily ever afters.

  2. Wow! Add all those years together and see what you have! I don't know which category I fall under. I was a senior in high school when I met my hubby who was stationed at the military base close to my hometown. So would it be High School Sweethearts if he wasn't in high school???? It's the closest category I see. And we have been together for 27 years (married for 24) and I looked it up for the first time and I need opals! Which I love because that's my birthstone and favorite gem. :)
    Love the new website look!

  3. LeAnne, you make a good point. I met my husband on a blind date set up by friends LOL
    It's great fun seeing all the ways we met.
    I'm surprised there are no "We met at church!"
    It really makes me think about the romances I'm writing. I need to do a college sweethearts book as that's so popular. I still remember my college sweetheart. I just didn't marry him.

  4. Yes, this gives me many ideas on how I can get my characters to the alter! <3

  5. I'm adding to our meeting. It was college church group, Chi Alpha. And we've been married 46 years.

  6. A lot of long marriage. Way to go, gals!!

  7. Pamela, I guess you could say my husband and I sort of met at church. I belonged to a Christian folk singing group that performed at a church ice cream social. My future husband had just moved to town and was attending church there. Since he played string bass, he asked the pastor to connect him with our group leader to ask about joining. We officially met when he came to our next rehearsal, and it was pretty much "love at first sight" for both of us.

  8. It can get a bit confusing - My husband and I were both in college - but at different ones. We knew each other and I hung out with his brothers. In small towns it just works that way. It was even a Homecoming game when he asked if I wanted to go cruising main with him. LOL - Can't get much more small town than that.

  9. A lot of romance within the Love Inspired author group! And, as Jean mentioned above, a lot of happily ever afters! :)

  10. Lots and lots of love in all those years! We romance writers definitely took that advice about "writing what you know!"

  11. Great idea Pam to look up what the 'gift' for the number of years should be. Furniture! Hmmm. I see a new couch or chair in my future. But next year, PEARLS! My favorite.

    The hubby and I were in an acting class together. I asked him to do a scene with me. He did the classic, look behind him then back and me and ask, Are you talking to me?

    Jolene, I grew up in a small town and cruise main was a big deal every Friday and Saturday night. LOL

  12. Leigh Bale here, and I've been married over 35 years; my hubby and I met at church. It was love at first sight...from the back of his head! I sat behind him and loved his dark, curly hair and deep bass voice as he spoke. My college roommates didn't know what I was doing as I hurried out the side door after Sunday School ended, so I could see what his face looked like. Later that night, he came to a social at my apartment and as we both saw each other from across the room, we each turned to the person standing next to us and said at the same time, "Who is that?" (We laughed when we heard each other say that.) Two weeks later, we were engaged.

  13. I love seeing how everyone met.

  14. I didn't get in that we've been married 42 years. Big Daddy and I played together since my sister and her husband rented a cottage in his grandparent''s backyard. We married right out of high school and we still have fun together! Love all of these love stories. I truly believe in happy endings even if the journey is sometimes rocky!

  15. This is amazing, not only the diversity, but that so many of us have been married so long. That's quite a feat. Yay, us!!

  16. What a fun topic! I love that so many of these Christian romance authors are living their happily ever after. I didn't get my info in on time because my husband has been in the hospital since Saturday when he had a motorcycle accident. (He's recovering well.) When we met, I was the boss's daughter - he worked for my dad. We've been married 38 years, and I still sleep on his pillow when he's away.

  17. Angel, Praying for you hubby to have full recovery from his accident.

  18. Married 20yrs April 5th! We celebrated by renewing our vows with our Pastor officiating & in front of the church with all our church family. Then the ladies out on a wonderful reception dinner with lots of homemade food :-) What a fun night that we will treasure for a long time to come!

    Hubby and I met years ago in church. We were both married to other people at the time. His wife and I became good friends. She made me realize that I didn't need to be in an abusive marriage and mentored me. I think that's why I love stories with mentor-type characters in them :-) Anyway, I eventually left my husband and took my young daughter to move in with my mom and steo-dad. I lived with them about two years, and in the middle of it, my now husband called me to tell me his wife had a car accident that she didn't survive. This began a renewal of our friendship and eventual marraige.

    Not sure what category that would fall under? Met at church and friends to lovers I guess, lol! I love reading everyone's story here. How fun to learn more about my LI authors!

  19. I'm not an author nor am I married, just wanted to say I enjoyed reading all of this. :) It's a bit like behind the scenes for all your books.


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