Thursday, October 5, 2017

Why I write Christian Romance

Many readers ask me why I write Christian Romance, so I thought this would be a great blog topic for today.

Allow me to begin with a brief true story:

A week after I turned 13 my great-grandfather died. It was my first real experience with death and my great-granddad’s passing hit me hard. I remember the night after his funeral, lying in my bed, sobbing into my pillow. Like hysterically crying as if I’d never stop! As a typical self-absorbed teenager, I was particularly upset because I was faced with the concept of my own death. And frankly, I was terrified! I sobbed and trembled in my bed for what seemed like hours, (but probably wasn’t) when I suddenly felt a comforting hand on my shoulder. Instantly, a sense of peace washed over me.

No, there wasn’t anyone in my bedroom. I believe that the comforting hand sensation came directly from God because in that moment, I realized that there was no reason to be afraid of dying. I grew up attending church and somehow this night, I understood that those who believe in God and our Lord Jesus will be lifted up after death to everlasting life in God’s kingdom. In the space of a heartbeat, I was no longer afraid.

That night all those years ago, was a major turning point in my life. Before this, I attended church but didn’t really understand God and Faith. After this experience I began reading the Bible in earnest, especially my favorite, the Book of Psalms. I also began reading Christian romance by many authors, but the one name that I remember most is Grace Livingston Hill. Since the night of my epiphany, I have continued to find comfort in church and prayer.

Yet, I always wanted to write romance. When I was provided the wonderful opportunity to write for Love Inspired Suspense, I jumped at the chance because it was a dream come true.

I love romance, I love mysteries and I love God. What better opportunity to showcase my beliefs, than to write Christian Romantic Suspense? I’m so honored and blessed to have written 20 LIS books.

Recently, I learned my book Mirror Image is a finalist in the prestigious The Christy Award™ and I couldn’t believe that my book would be showcased along with those from other incredibly talented Christian authors. This is yet another dream come true.

But I digress. Back to the topic of my blog. I write Christian romance because of a life-changing experience. Have any of you gone through something similar? If so, I’d love to hear from you.

Yours in Faith,
Laura Scott

P.S. Christmas Amnesia is available now! 
This is the third book in my Callahan Confidential Series.


  1. Laura, I so loved your story about why you write Christian romance. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I started writing Christian romance for the selfish reason of strengthening my personal faith.

    1. I don’t think there is anything selfish about strengthening your own faith. Your books touch other’s lives at the same time. A great blessing.

  3. What a beautiful story! I too have felt God's comfort and peace in times of great distress. What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes in the Christy Awards.

  4. Wonderful post Laura. I love when God meets us where we need it and when we need it.

  5. What a great story! I thank God for the comfort He offered you and for calling you to write.

  6. Loved your story. The Hand of God can touch us anywhere at anytime and He knows when we need it.

  7. I love reading your Christian romances. I like the idea of romance not sex in your books. It is the romance that is important to me. I just wish I had the way with words that you do.

  8. Very moving, Laura. Your cover is gorgeous. Your faith shines through in your kind nature and your amazing talent!

  9. Beautiful story Laura. Thank you for sharing such a touching memory.


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