Monday, January 29, 2018

New for February from Our Love Inspired Historical Authors

Jean C. Gordon here with a new must buy from our Love Inspired Historical authors. Don't you love the cover? Just click on it to purchase the book. And to learn more about Danica, click on her name.
Honor-Bound Lawman
by Danica Favorite 

When Laura Booth’s dangerous ex-husband escapes from prison, she turns to the one man who can protect her: Owen Hamilton. Living with the widowed former lawman—who once helped put her ex in jail—and his adorable twin daughters on their Colorado ranch is a welcome respite. For the first time, Laura feels safe—but after her troubled past, she’ll never trust her heart again.

Owen would like to say only obligation draws him to Laura’s side. But in his gut he knows his feelings for the gentle beauty run deeper than duty—and it stops him cold. After guarding their wary hearts for years, can Owen and Laura give love a second chance?


  1. Love the cover of Danica's book! A bearded man always looks mysterious to me.

  2. I am SO going to miss the historicals when we come to the end. Thanks for what looks like a great read, Danica.

  3. Danica, that blurb is amazing. Did your editor write it? So good. I'm hooked...and ready to buy your book! Hugs!

  4. Sounds good. what are your plans with the end of LIH?


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