Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A NEW BEGINNING! by Valerie Hansen

As many of you know, I often participate in multi-author continuities. Well, this new one is ALL MINE! And I am thrilled to have six wonderful books to write. Emergency responders are amazing people with special gifts that not everyone shares. How do I know for sure? Well, my family is filled with them; former volunteer firefighters, EMTs, nurses, dispatchers, paid firefighters all the way up to chiefs, instructors and even a grandson who is a paramedic.


Living my life immersed in so much genuine caring for our communities and citizens has left me with many wonderful memories - as well as the opposite. But it was never dull.

I remember my husband and both my teenagers jumping out of bed and straight into boots and turnout pants, hitching up the suspenders and racing for the door. All three bedroom doorways converged at the end of the hall and the kids quickly learned that if they got in their daddy's way they were likely to get mowed down! Once he was past it was a free-for-all to be the second down the hall and out the door. Those were their volunteer firefighter days. At that time I often manned (womaned?) the dispatch radio at the station but I never tried to race any of them! I was gonna lose!!!!

In my new series, "Emergency Responders" I deal with fire and medical and whoever else may be called upon to offer needed help and support, such as police officers. Each has a special role, each a God-given gift to share. And sometimes, no matter how hard they try, they aren't able to fix everything. That's the down side. And, because they care so deeply, it hurts them, too.
Long ago I began stopping to pray whenever I heard a siren. People are putting their lives on the line to help others and I pray for their success as well as their safety.
The first book in this series, FATAL THREAT, will be in stores in February. Then MARKED FOR REVENGE is coming in August. Here's the first cover. I hope these stories bless and thrill you as much as they did when I wrote them.

 "Someone wants to see her silenced!

Back home after a mission trip, nurse and EMT Sara Southerland learns that her cousin's death might not have been an accident - and now someone wants her dead. The only person she can trust is longtime crush and fire captain Adam Kane. With a stalker on their tail, Adam will do whatever it takes to protect the woman he's realizing he can't live without."

Thanks for stopping by and may God richly bless you.

Valerie Hansen



  1. Wow, that's amazing family accomplishment, Valerie. And I'm so excited for you on your new series. Congratulations.

  2. What a great idea for a series, Valerie. God bless your wonderful family! I, too, pray whenever I hear a siren...something I was taught to do as a child. Our church prays daily for first responders, military personnel, law enforcement, fire fighters and all those who go above and beyond to keep us safe. So grateful for their service and help!

  3. What a fine post, Valerie. It's great to read about your family's commitment to the community. I know each of these books will be as compelling as all your others have been.

  4. Wow, a family that sacrifices their life, and you know first hand. Can't wait to read your book. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Val, your series sounds wonderful! What a great tribute to your amazing family of heroic first responders!

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