Sunday, January 27, 2019

Celebrating Family and the New Year with Sparklers and Music

Editing with my favorite view...Fred.
Hola! Jolene Navarro checking in form the Texas Hill Country. This is my writing view this weekend.

My life inspires my writing...I can imagine not writing about family and the crazy life that surrounds bigs families.

January has been a great start to a new year. I celebrated my birthday on the 2nd and it seems to be a gathering of friends one weekend after another.

For New Year's Eve, my kids started a tradition a few years back. We buy tons of finger foods (mostly tasty junk food) and tons of fireworks then build a bonfire.

Before we set off the fireworks they use the sparklers to write out the new year. This year might be the best yet.

It starts with a spark.
Happy 2019!

Then we headed downtown the theSan Antonio River Walk to celebrate my niece's 19th birthday. Eating at Casa Rio Mexican food and dancing to the mariachis!

Fred and London dancing to Mariachis at Casa Rio

If you going to have an awesome kick-off to the year you have to have at least one writer's retreat. So, on to Rio Bella Resort, I went with seven other writers and man did we write.
There was quiet time to focus and time to talk and enjoy the company of other writers.

This last week of January we were back at the Frio River, but this time with Fred's family. One of his older brothers (9 boys and 2 girls) was celebrating 50 years of marriage and of course, there was lots of food, music and fun.

Fred signing along.

All the Navarro siblings and their first sister-in-law.
7 of the 9 brothers.

So far my 2019 has been full of family, friends music food and lots of words on the page. Tomorrow I will turn in my 11th book to Love Inspired. It will be out in November. 

I have a cover and title for my  June release (10th book) that is starting a new series: The Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch. I hope readers love the De La Rosa family as much as I do. 

I have a story story in the works and an Anthology coming out in February with a group of San Antonio authors all about Fiesta! (and I've lost weight.) 

My words for 2019 was RENEW and RECLAIM.  I'm feeling good about these. lol
Wow! 2019 has already been packed with love and creativity.

Do you already have 2019 highlights or some in the works?
Do you have focus words for the new years? 

Oh, do you want to see my new cover that is coming out in June?

 The Texan's Secret Daughter.

Can this rancher make up for his past?A Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch romance.

Turning his life around was the hardest thing Elijah De La Rosa ever had to do—until his ex-wife, Jazmine Daniels, returns with their young daughter he didn’t know existed. Now this successful rancher will do anything to be a good father. But can he forgive himself for the past…and turn their second chance into a family for always?


  1. What an amazing 2019 you are having. My word is trust and I'm doing my best to trust God in all my decisions this year and to wait on his guidance.
    I love the cover of your upcoming book. Sounds like an great book.

  2. Trust is a great word. And a theme I have in many of my books. I tend to have at least on character that has a hard time turning everything over to God and trust him completely. LOL Might be an issue I'm working through.

  3. Love the San Antonio River Walk, and it's been way too long since I've been to Casa Rio! Hoping and praying we'll be returning to Texas soon, this time to stay--which is requiring an even deeper level of trust in God for His guidance, provision, and perfect timing!

    Just turned in my latest book last week, so our stories may coming out around the same time!

    1. That would be awesome. Is it a November release?

    2. October, last I was told. There is a Christmas thread, though

  4. You are awesome! I am about to wrap up my story of a pasture! I didn't realize that its history was really going to be so many words! Proud of your writing! See you soon! Linda

    1. You are such a great storyteller. Thought I might have seen you one of these last two weekends. Hope soon.

  5. I love it! There’s no party like a Navarro party. I love your cover! It’s so beautiful. Blessings!

  6. Thank you. They do know how to throw a party.


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