Friday, August 26, 2011

Ask Elnora--About Changes--Lenora Worth

I'm a bit late getting started. All week long my Internet has been misbehaving. But considering earthquakes, storms and that each time I sneeze something goes out around her, Elnora is blessed to be safe and awake this morning.

Which brings me to the question I pondered last night in the wee hours. Do we like change or does change drives us a bit nut?

Elnora will have big changes coming up when Big Daddy carts her away to Florida next year, to live in, gasp, a condo half the size of our current home. Of course, all of the shoes have to go with us! And the purses! And the books, of course. And a few clothes. But what will I give up, sell or leave behind? Ball gowns from too much Mardi Gras fun? Jeans that will never fit these hips again? Chairs that are comfortable but not beachy enough? What to take, what to leave behind? Why does change make us run around in circles like a mouse chasing his tail?

And speaking of changes, you can expect a few right here on this blog. Fall is in the air and with the changing leaves comes the changing blog for our dear Love Inspired Ladies. But one thing won't change. We will continue writing the books we love to write for you, our fabulous readers. So let's discuss-change. Do you like it, hate it or just go with it? Or maybe you wouldn't change a thing? The answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind!!!


  1. Oh, I'm an emotional coward that fear changes but secretly believes that you can leave richer from them...

    For example such a move will throw me to a depre thinking I would have to let go of my preciosities ;) but then when you think that you can star again and make you and your life different, and probably better, one has to ask why fearing?!

    Let go. Give away. Enrich other peope's lives with things you'll never use again and declutter your life by stop feeling guilty of all those things that lie in there unattended (last Summer we did tht with the kids' toya room - we gave away everything. It was there unused and we went to an orphanage who jumped with the idea. it felt so good)

    Looking forward for the changes in the blog. (If I could be of any help, say so)

    Wishing you a Irene-free weekend,

  2. Change is a lot of work. But, sometimes, when it's done, and you look around, all you can say is, "Why did I wait so long?"

  3. Theresa,
    The best help you could be is by letting us know what you, as a reader, would like to see.

  4. I think I enjoy change, but afterwards, I'm kinda queasy. But, I enjoy the challenge. Of course, there are some changes I loved. When I stopped teaching, that was the greatest.

  5. Oh Pamela I like the blog as it is... but then there's your posts and the interaction you encourage with the visitors and that's the best part for me...

    I'll give it a though...

  6. Elnora, first tell Lenora, I am reading her book in the Rocky Mountain Heirs continuity. Such a wonderful series.

    Change is inevitable. My daughter gets married in October. My married son is in law school after three years as a paralegal. My in-laws moved into a retirement home.

    But it is hard. I am trying to be open to moving out of the home we have been in for 21 years in a great location. We are wanting to build a home we can stay in as long as possible.

    But change is good too. Just ask me once I get done with Irene....

  7. Change can be good. I moved 2 and a bit years ago and at the time was hard but it was the best thing ever. This is a wonderful house. The situation is great and the circumstance excellent.
    What it did mean was downsizing. This is a 3 bedroom house but I only have access to 2 as the owners use one room as a storeroom Which is fine. When I moved in the second bedroom also was inaccessable for nearly a year but it meant I had to downsize. I had already decided to have a separate dining room/craft room. I didn't need 4 beds for one person. I didn't need two dressing tables etc. Also mum was a hoarder and she hoarded things that were not useful like bags (plastic, paper etc) but when she would fill a bag with some she would put it in the cupboard, etc I think I got rid of over 12 bags then found even more in the shed. things like gloves if one was missing or had holes she still kept it. I had about 3 or so months so I was able to go through stuff and get rid of stuff. Alot went to charity.
    I am facing change again as I am going from being a student to looking for work.

  8. Great comments. I have already started giving things away. I also plan to have a "private" sale for my clothes,shoes and purses. I will give a lot to Dress for Success-- one of my favorite causes. I usually welcome change but it is scary. Elnora loves a good adventure. Julie thanks for reading the Rocky Moutain Heirs series. We had crazy fun with that one. My heroine sure had to make some changes!!

  9. Change is. . .okay. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. And the last two years have been nothing but change!

    My advice for moving--if you haven't used it in two years, get rid of it. I went through all my office supplies and came up with a bag of notebooks, pens, highlighters and index cards for the school down the street. I donated books to the church library( I had to! The movers were foaming at the mouth at the TEN boxes of books I needed to move!) We gave our daughter a couch; my brother got a chair and Mom got some kitchen items she'd been wanting. And I had to realize that I'm never going to get in those size 8's I've been saving for the day the weight magically falls off.

    I'm excited about the changes to the blog because I'M PART OF IT. And I'm thrilled--to be with such fantastic readers who love books as much as I do. And the writers are pretty cool too! ~wink~

    So bring on the changes--

  10. .
    Change, like an unexpected guest, all depends on whether it’s welcome or not.


  11. Well, Elnora- I don't like change when it means Lenora is moving away from Louisiana! :-(
    And I don't like change when it means my only baby is leaving for college next fall. :-((
    Some change is good, but I don't like seeing the people I like most go so far away!
    Beth C.