Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leigh Bale and Her Flower Garden

Most of you already know my daughter recently got married. We held the reception in our back yard. I admit it’s my favorite place in the whole world. If you're like me, you have the best chats with God in your flower garden. You feel peace and create while you're there. Nothing to disturb you except a little dirt and worms. Unless your roses have aphids...then I have to get tough. :)

During all the hub-bub of greeting guests and ensuring everyone’s needs were met during the reception, I didn’t notice the photographer taking pictures of my flowers. I was charmed and delighted when we received the photos. Following is just a few pictures. Daisies, lydia broom in full bloom, my daughter's shoes resting beside the chives, sweetheart gnomes, and lastly my daughter and her new groom at the garden gate.

And I mustn't forget to tell you about my new book! The Forest Ranger's Promise is now available. It's the first in a new series. Book #2 will be available the first of November. Enjoy!


  1. Love the photos specially the one with the rings. Oh and I bought your book and it came this week from an aussie bookshop.
    I spent a bit of time in my jungle woops I mean Garden this week cos the weather was wonderful and it was overgrown. wanted to move a couple of rosebushes which didn't do any good where they were last year so had to get the front ready for them.

  2. Beautiful wedding photos! And the book looks AWESOME! Congrats!

  3. Roses scare me. We just got our first roses a year ago. My dad brought my husband a rose tree. That thing is so beautiful. But it got a serious case of aphids this year. We treated it very quickly and it's blooming like crazy.

    My daughter's wedding and reception was SO beautiful. So many dear friends and family members were here. We had a blast. And man! Am I ever glad it's OVER with! Exhausting. HAHAHA!

  4. Hi Leigh:

    I just posted a request for a LI story with a forest ranger hero on the Seeker blog yesterday and here today I see you have one! “Ask and you shall receive”.

    Great pictures. Do you have one with the front of the wedding dress? My wife watches “Say Yes to the Dress” and I’m getting where I can identify the styles. Is your daughter’s a Princess or a Ballroom? Did you got to the dress selection?