Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lyn Cote Asks Why Support Books You Love

Lyn Cote here-Authors and readers depend on each other. If authors don't write books, what will readers read? If readers don't read books, what's the point of writing a book?

The fiction market is extremely competitive. If a book doesn't sell well, the author may find it difficult or impossible to sell another book to an editor.

Think of your favorite authors, the ones you have a hard time waiting for their next book to come out. What if she/he never wrote another book?

The book industry is going through many drastic changes with the bankruptcy of Borders and the closing of many independent bookstores and the advent of ereaders like the Nook and Kindle.

Today on my blog, I posted one way readers can support the books they love-by writing reviews. Please stop by and read the simple explanation of how to do this.

Our Love Inspired romances often get no reviews listed for them on say, www.Amazon.com. Even one favorable review can help keep your favorite authors' books coming.

Can you think of other ways to support an author's books? How do you support your favorite books? How do you support your favorite books?--Lyn


  1. Lyn, I do write some reviews. More often, I talk about the books I love, telling my friends about them. I also pass along books I've read to my church library. I figure that may help someone discover a new author.

  2. I pass on our Love Inspired books and many ladies at my church joined the LI bookclub after I started passing on my books and others. I do book reviews at http://pamelatracy.com and occasionally do a review at Amazon. My problem at Amazon is I have to give a rating, and I'm uncomfortable doing that.

  3. Hi Lyn:

    What I like to do is ascertain what an author does best, perhaps better than anyone else, and then make that quality the focus of a review. This way the review is true and it attracts the attention of the readers who would most likely enjoy the book. Attracting the right readers for a given author is the key to building a loyal ‘auto-buy’ fan base.

    A tsunami of ‘new’ books are coming on line as established authors publish their backlists. Free books are flooding the digital markets. Most of the great old classics are now available for free on Kindle. Yet, not one extra minute has been added to the day. Time to read stays mostly the same. The key to author survival in the future will be building a sizeable ‘auto-buy’ list of fans.


  4. Missy and Pamela, Me too. I read many books a year for other authors and write endorsements and post reviews on GoodReads, Amazon and my own blog.

    Vince, As usual, you hit the nail on the head! I try to find the essence of an author also and the tide of books is rising. A great time to be a reader! And writer.

  5. I Post reviews at good reads, and try to get them to Amazon, Christian book and Barnes and nobel.
    Oh I post on my own blog that normally happens first.

  6. Thanks, Jenny. I love your blog.

  7. Go to the library.
    Volunteer for a literacy program.
    Write a book or two or three.