Saturday, August 27, 2011


Where Do Lonely Hearts Go?The chance to rescue abandoned horses has given Eloise Tipple the fresh start she needs. After losing her skating career and fiancé, she returns home to Wild Horse, Wyoming, to work at a beautiful inn and man the stables. Sean Granger has also come home to nurse some emotional wounds and would like nothing more than to pursue life as a lone wolf. Both say they want nothing more than friendship. But while saving homeless horses, can Sean and Eloise save each other and heal their wounds?


Judy DV said...

What a great book but with all the Granger Family Ranch Series books they need to come with a warning:

CAUTION: This book will give you the uncontrollable urge to own a cow and name her Buttercup!

I just finished listing every book of Jillian's on my blog page. She wrote over 60 and I like them all!

PamelaTracy said...

I'll be sure to let Jillian know. She's an awesome lady and an awesome writer.

PamelaTracy said...

Jillian couldn't post so she sent this for me to post:

Judy--you are so good to me. thanks for your wonderful comments. I love your caution--I am fighting the urge to go buy a pet cow, too. I miss having one! Hugs, Judy.